I realised this morning i made an error in one of my previous posts. I apologise and would like now to correct it.


If anyone read the post Interesting…a blog award the error was in my answer to the question: “Do you volunteer. Why?”


I answered that i did not currently volunteer, but had in the past. Somehow i managed to ‘forget’ that i do indeed volunteer for a not for profit organisation. I am the public relations officer and sub-editor for a Numismatic Society.

The society aims to promote the awareness and study of numismatics in Western Australia, numismatics being the fancy name for coin and medal ‘collecting’ or the study of coinage and it’s history as well as related items like medals and medallions, banknotes, tokens etc.

The society holds regular fairs and exhibitions as well as monthly meetings and i have volunteered to help advertise them and promote club memberships as well as awareness of the club. I also help out with additional work to assist the editor of our journal.

In the scheme of things it is hardly life-saving or earth-shatteringly important work but it certainly qualifies as unpaid work, so i do in fact volunteer some of my time at the moment.

Again, apologies for the error. 🙂