Desire: to wish or long for. “When you wish upon a star”. De-sire comes from the latin de+side (star) – desiderate.

A couple of blogs i have read lately have got me thinking on the subject of Desire.

Our desire(s) could be said to be at the very heart of our being. We can do something to ‘Our Heart’s desire’, our heart aches with desire. Many of the verses in Proverbs and Psalms speak of the vital connection between the heart and our desire as a link to God. “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4; “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Prov 13:12

Throughout the ages philosphers from Plato to Immanuel Kant have considered desire as an important motivating force in human life. Even Buddhism which considers it necessary to eliminate sensual desire  (that causes all suffering)  in order to find Nirvana concedes that a novice is to work on motivational forces through skilful application of desire.

Our greatest desire determines our main priority in life; our priorities strongly determine our choices; our choices lead to the actions we take and our actions we take determine the kind of life we live. How we behave and who we become.


So what is your greatest single desire?

Is it a desire of self ( one that gives you personally the greatest degree of personal or sensual pleasure) – or a desire to follow the Will of God or of something greater than (external to) just yourself? ( Humanity?, Ecology? Nationality?)

If your greatest desire is to something other than self (but including, as a small part, the self) do you only act in harmony with that desire? Or do you sometimes slip into ‘selfish’ mode and consider your needs over those of others and the greater good?

Could this be behind the ‘conscience’ that sometimes causes us to have a niggling feeling of guilt when we do a thing, or not do a thing?

Maybe in order to reduce the instances of that ‘niggle’ we might consider the idea more carefully?

Any thoughts?


Monday Meekness – a Reminder to be Humble.

It’s Monday!Monday

For those who may be unsure Monday is named after the Moon (MoonDay), naturally it follows Sunday, Biblically the First Day of the week (The day after the Sabbath Day, day of rest from labour) which is named after the source of light to Earth, the Sun. (Light being created By God on the First Day according to the Book of  Genesis)

Although these are the words used in English today, they simply carry on a much longer tradition. The ancient Latin (and current Italian) Words for Sunday and Monday are  dies Solus and dies Lunae (Soledi and Lunedi) Sol and Luna being the Sun and Moon respectively. That this is so is not that remarkable considering the English language is largely based upon that of the Roman conquerors of Britain in the beginning of the first millennium  and of other countries such as France and Germany (and related to Scandinavian Germanic languages also) all of whom have similar sun and moon day names for the first two days of the week.

That this is a long and deeply held belief however is verified by the fact that both Korea and Japan similarly honour the Moon god in that day name as do many Indian languages and Ancient Sanskrit!

So what then, does all this have to do with Meekness and Humility?

The Greek goddess of the Moon was Selene. I hold a tendency to relate Selene with the very similar sounding word Serene, which means calm, tranquil, clear or bright. I also associate those meanings with the Moon. As a source of Light on Earth (albeit of a reflected nature and not as the original source) the Moon is second in nature to the Sun. Whereas the Sun is the most powerful source of natural light, which it possesses due to massively violent nuclear explosions ( the antithesis of calm and quiet, tranquility) the Moon receives this light and in silence and without any effort other than being it’s own Serene self, calmly reflects the light to us down here on Earth. The Moon has no light of it’s own, but by reason of simply being, it is the second brightest object in the sky.

I see this as a very suitable analogy for my relationship with God. I have no ‘light’ that is originated in me, but if i simply ‘be’ (and truly believe) i may reflect the Light that comes from the source of all Light (enlightenment) on Earth. I am to be like the Moon to God’s Sun (Son). Calm, tranquil and serene, being Humbled into second in importance in the Heavens, reflecting purely the Light to all. A light that is commonly surrounded in great darkness and yet lets us see when, at other times, the Sun may not be directly visible to us.

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

Many people have heard the misinterpreted phrase from the Bible – that ‘Money is the Root of all evil’.

The correct translation is from 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘10For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.‘ it is the Love of Money, not the money itself, that is the source of the evil.

Many have heard this but how many know the two verses either side of the above quote?

Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.
Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.

Tim 6:9. ‘But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.’

6:11. ‘But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.’*

meekness n. – 1. the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness; 2. a disposition to be patient and long suffering; 3. the now obsolete meaning of gentleness. (see preceding line*)

So, putting all of the above together: Monday, the day that is dedicated to the Moon by many of the world’s peoples throughout time, is the one day in six i have chosen to pursue Meekness in me, Meekness being one of six things a man of God is asked to follow as a way to flee the evils and griefs resulting from the desire of Man to be rich, or seeking purely material wealth at the expense of our spiritual wealth.

By meditating on how i may be humble, calm, reflective, submissive to a greater power, serene i have hope to become a GentleMan, one who is yet able to shine with bright reflected light as a true servant of that which gives light unto us all.

Bless you all.

Just Who is in Charge Here?

It is my strong personal belief that all evil we see as such in our lives is the creation of the ‘I’ (upper-case) – the voice inside me (and you) that measures and compares everything to itself, that sees itself as the highest Authority in my life – the thing that drives some insane or splits the mind into schizophrenic personalities because it cannot ‘cope’ when life does what it does and we cannot control it as we (I) thinks we (it) should.

My ‘solution’ is to give that Authority over our life back to the One who created us/I/i.

To learn how to surrender our own will over to someone we can Trust/Have Perfect, Infallible, Unfailing Faith in that they will do for us what is BEST for us, not what the I thinks is best for it.

As the Christians (Hebrews?) say: Thy Will not my will be done.

It’s not the same things as ‘giving up’ or not caring about the (true) self – it is recognising a True hierarchy in all life, not just mine, or human, but all life, and giving supreme command over to that which is Perfect and Complete while we take on the role of a faithful second-in-command over our own lives. (as we send the ‘I’ back wherever the heck he came from!)

In sailing terms: we are the engine/er that moves our ship through the calm or stormy waters of life; adds speed or stops when we need to come to a rest, all the time looking to God as captain/helmsman of the ship, deciding our course and navigating the way so as to get us to the right destination with regard to unseen dangers that might lie ahead of us, while we choose to look to Him for guidance to keep us on the right path to our journey’s end on this planet, trusting in His superior experience of life’s currents and submerged rocks that wait to sink us and cause us to flounder.

In this way we learn to live in harmony with the Main Plan and our life will conform to ‘The Flow’ and not be constantly struggling against it. where sometimes we get small personal victories and sometimes we get disasters.

His Plan may not always seem to be ‘fair’ or make sense, but when has life ever done that? for you? – or me – or anyone?

I believe by having faith and seeking Him and following His way over our own choices He will provide a full and satisfying life for His Creations that He did not design to be sad, unworthy or imperfect.

It is the I that mostly causes those things in us and our pride that prevents us from ever seeing it that way. That is why we are required to learn Humility and to serve Him to His Greater Glory.


My original idea when i started this blog was to use it as a forum for my rants on things that i believe are wrong with this world – and to allow others to do likewise.

But, i have a problem with that now…

My problem is this… in doing that – venting against the negative side of our shared human nature it causes me to focus more on that negative side… and frankly i think we focus on that way too much than is really good for us already.

Tried counting the positive vs negative reports on any TV news lately? In the papers? On news websites? Get my point? Mostly a ‘bad’ headline will sell more copy than a ‘good’ one ( Royal marriages or babies excluded).

Just ranting about something i don’t agree with , even if i do it in the hope of raising people’s level of awareness of the ‘wrongness’ of the thing i’m ranting over in the vain hope enough might agree with me and decide to actually DO something to fix it, just is not a very positive thing to do and will largely just come across to most casual observers as me being a GOM  (Grumpy Old Man!)

I want to do something ‘more constructive’ that produces better results – but what can one man do (hence the intended ‘appeal’ to our higher awarenesses), Besides some of the time, my rants and the ‘wrongness’ can be based upon poor reporting or little to no real understanding of all the issues concerned… although i do believe that i posses a considerable degree of inherent comprehension that allows me to see many sides to most arguments and think i hold a pretty good grip on what is ethical and moral.

My biggest difficulty however lies in  a common basic misperception ( common and basic i believe to almost all of us)…

By bringing to a wider attention something i see of as ‘wrong/bad’ for me/us i am opposing myself against that thing ( and quite possibly many people who don’t think as i do….. y’know ‘normal’ people) ;-)…

So instead of uniting mankind and myself (as is the intent)  i am in fact dividing it and setting up yet another ‘division’ in my world wide shared society. This is NOT what my higher self is calling upon me to do. It is the exact opposite.


As i hinted in the previous post…. it is only through tollerance, not intollerance, that we can learn to live as a harmonious whole – a single shared Humanity on this sole blue/green planet of ours. A society that values the individual and individual differences while being able to mutually co-operate and interact without bigotry and violence towards each other.

A Brave New World

Have been thinking of a post to write… thanks to a little ‘insight’ that came to me over the weekend…  How differently would we behave to other people if we saw them simply as another ‘version’ of us?
What if the ‘thing’ that thinks, our conscious self – the ‘voice’ in our head, the thing that is what we hold to be our values, our emotions, our true inner ‘self’ that we believe is unique to each one of us… What if that is really the self-same thing (or an identical ‘clone’) in each one of us? What if the reason why everyone seems different is not that we are different people, but that we are the same person having different experiences in differing situations and we see them as a different body somehow ‘outside’ of what we think of is ‘us/me’? That somehow the 7 billion plus humans all living at the same time are all just one person in 7 billion different positions somehow able to see the others as seperate and in a simultaneous time to us?
What if we saw that bearded man with a headscarf in Afghanistan as me but having been raised in that place and time and body, or that girl in Ethiopia with legs like matchsticks and a round empty belly as me but raised in that place and time? Would we then behave differently to people? Would we value them more – have sympathy for them – understand them and their ‘need’? Believe they had or were something of extreme value and not dismiss them as ‘terrorist’ or ‘famine victim’?
What if we saw George W Bush as us, just born in a different place and time to where we remember? Or Barack Obama or Adolf Hitler? Or Paris Hilton or Justin Beiber or Lee Harvey Oswald?
We all  believe that we are so much ‘better’ than some fellow human beings were and perhaps we think we are less or worse than others, that we would never ever do what some of us did or could manage to do what some have achieved… But would we, given the same circumstances? What real difference is there inside any single one of us?  Other than how we were raised and grew to feel?
Would the world be a better or worse place if all of us knew that inside we are but One and it is only due to circumstance that we look at times (mostly from a great distance or if we get TOO ‘close’) to be so very foreign, alien, inhumane – different?
Could Humanity on this planet take one giant step forward and all think like that? Would we then be able to be more tolerant, more caring, more understanding of what we all see as ‘them’  ‘out there’ if we constantly remember that, deep down, they are actually just like us ‘in here’.
Would we choose to go to war with ourself? Still want to kill ourself? Still invalidate or hold to a lower standard our self’s right to live as they choose?
I’d like to think not.