GOOGLE yourself.


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Most Christians know the acronym W W J D ( What Would Jesus Do) as a source of giving themselves a different perspective on a situation than the one they might usually adopt ( coming from one’s self ). It is a useful term but a little awkward to say – it does not glide easily off the tongue.

Google has become an almost universal source of information ( guidance) for our computer literate society today world wide, believers and non-believers alike, over all religious beliefs, not just christianity.

I would like to introduce a new way of using Google, or GOOGLE as above.


Consider that GOOGLE can stand for:











What do i mean by that? – Simple. Those who would seek to follow only God’s Will for themselves have a MAJOR obstacle… their own will frequently gets in the way. We want to do and be ‘good’ but we do that which if we really look at it is the wrong thing. This is most often because we are inclined to do what we do based mostly upon what we know or think and we actually know of think in a very limited capacity compared to the entirity of all there is to know or be.


So as a commonly seen ‘reminder’ to take the wider perspective, to do based upon the knowledge of God and not just our own limited view, GOOGLE yourself. Get Out Of God’s Living Entity  (your mind/body) – empty ‘yourself’ so as to allow God back in unhindered by your personal perception. Have patience and trust in God. Let Him guide your action through your pure spirit.


God Bless.


In Just 60 Little Seconds of Your Life…

My blog’s been feeling a little ‘heavy’ lately – deep things going on. Our life should be a life of moderation ( of most things ) so to lighten the mood a little…


What Happens in an Internet Minute


640 thousand Gigabytes of data EVERY minute!!!?

OK – minute’s up – now get back to work! 😉