Like’s are nice, but…

Most wordpress bloggers and facebook users know what a ‘like’ is, Right?

We click on the little icon that says ‘LIKE’ if we want the author/owner of the wall or whatever to know we came and enjoyed what we saw, one little mouseclick says so much – and takes so little effort on our parts. It’s unambiguous, both parties the sender and the sendee understand what is meant and everyone’s happy. Job Done! off to the next page. Don’t really need to write a comment that probably won’t really say what i mean to say anyway, and besides who has the time to write today?


Like’s are nice, but, if you really mean something about what you saw here gave you something worth while and you ‘like’d’ it, you could show me your intention much better by clicking the link over there:


and spend a couple of minutes helping feed someone who needs a few grains of rice to live till tomorrow.

If you REALLY like’d it you could put your own link on your own site – ask if you need the instructions, always glad to help out.

The starving, Bob and God thank you.


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Give Till It Hurts


As someone from one of the wealthiest countries in the world i am quite fortunate in many respects… i always know where my next meal is coming from and have  a roof over my head that is solely owned i have more clothes than i can comfortably wear (For the last 5 months i could have got by quite nicely with a pair of Boxers, two pairs of shorts and a couple of T-shirts and some flip flops or a pair of sneakers.  (oh and a hat for the sun!) it’s been one of those summers – never ending! but i digress…) That is not the case for a significant portion of the world’s people.

Being time rich and money ‘poor’ ( relatively) i don’t do a lot of charity work or feel all that comfortable giving money to charities – which is not to say i don’t do it, i do plenty considering, but i feel a little guilty having so much when some have less than  nothing.

So, i have recently been reminded that it is easier to do something for others than we may believe.. Take a look, if you would be so kind, at my latest PAGE ( see menu bar beneath ‘Soapbox’ banner) not post.

( or now you can simply click on the freerice banner in my sidebar.)

…and for those who may, like me, be somewhat ‘skeptical’ where such matters are concerned, take a little look here: