Monday Meekness – a Reminder to be Humble.

It’s Monday!Monday

For those who may be unsure Monday is named after the Moon (MoonDay), naturally it follows Sunday, Biblically the First Day of the week (The day after the Sabbath Day, day of rest from labour) which is named after the source of light to Earth, the Sun. (Light being created By God on the First Day according to the Book of  Genesis)

Although these are the words used in English today, they simply carry on a much longer tradition. The ancient Latin (and current Italian) Words for Sunday and Monday are  dies Solus and dies Lunae (Soledi and Lunedi) Sol and Luna being the Sun and Moon respectively. That this is so is not that remarkable considering the English language is largely based upon that of the Roman conquerors of Britain in the beginning of the first millennium  and of other countries such as France and Germany (and related to Scandinavian Germanic languages also) all of whom have similar sun and moon day names for the first two days of the week.

That this is a long and deeply held belief however is verified by the fact that both Korea and Japan similarly honour the Moon god in that day name as do many Indian languages and Ancient Sanskrit!

So what then, does all this have to do with Meekness and Humility?

The Greek goddess of the Moon was Selene. I hold a tendency to relate Selene with the very similar sounding word Serene, which means calm, tranquil, clear or bright. I also associate those meanings with the Moon. As a source of Light on Earth (albeit of a reflected nature and not as the original source) the Moon is second in nature to the Sun. Whereas the Sun is the most powerful source of natural light, which it possesses due to massively violent nuclear explosions ( the antithesis of calm and quiet, tranquility) the Moon receives this light and in silence and without any effort other than being it’s own Serene self, calmly reflects the light to us down here on Earth. The Moon has no light of it’s own, but by reason of simply being, it is the second brightest object in the sky.

I see this as a very suitable analogy for my relationship with God. I have no ‘light’ that is originated in me, but if i simply ‘be’ (and truly believe) i may reflect the Light that comes from the source of all Light (enlightenment) on Earth. I am to be like the Moon to God’s Sun (Son). Calm, tranquil and serene, being Humbled into second in importance in the Heavens, reflecting purely the Light to all. A light that is commonly surrounded in great darkness and yet lets us see when, at other times, the Sun may not be directly visible to us.

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

Many people have heard the misinterpreted phrase from the Bible – that ‘Money is the Root of all evil’.

The correct translation is from 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘10For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.‘ it is the Love of Money, not the money itself, that is the source of the evil.

Many have heard this but how many know the two verses either side of the above quote?

Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.
Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.

Tim 6:9. ‘But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.’

6:11. ‘But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.’*

meekness n. – 1. the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness; 2. a disposition to be patient and long suffering; 3. the now obsolete meaning of gentleness. (see preceding line*)

So, putting all of the above together: Monday, the day that is dedicated to the Moon by many of the world’s peoples throughout time, is the one day in six i have chosen to pursue Meekness in me, Meekness being one of six things a man of God is asked to follow as a way to flee the evils and griefs resulting from the desire of Man to be rich, or seeking purely material wealth at the expense of our spiritual wealth.

By meditating on how i may be humble, calm, reflective, submissive to a greater power, serene i have hope to become a GentleMan, one who is yet able to shine with bright reflected light as a true servant of that which gives light unto us all.

Bless you all.


Just Who is in Charge Here?

It is my strong personal belief that all evil we see as such in our lives is the creation of the ‘I’ (upper-case) – the voice inside me (and you) that measures and compares everything to itself, that sees itself as the highest Authority in my life – the thing that drives some insane or splits the mind into schizophrenic personalities because it cannot ‘cope’ when life does what it does and we cannot control it as we (I) thinks we (it) should.

My ‘solution’ is to give that Authority over our life back to the One who created us/I/i.

To learn how to surrender our own will over to someone we can Trust/Have Perfect, Infallible, Unfailing Faith in that they will do for us what is BEST for us, not what the I thinks is best for it.

As the Christians (Hebrews?) say: Thy Will not my will be done.

It’s not the same things as ‘giving up’ or not caring about the (true) self – it is recognising a True hierarchy in all life, not just mine, or human, but all life, and giving supreme command over to that which is Perfect and Complete while we take on the role of a faithful second-in-command over our own lives. (as we send the ‘I’ back wherever the heck he came from!)

In sailing terms: we are the engine/er that moves our ship through the calm or stormy waters of life; adds speed or stops when we need to come to a rest, all the time looking to God as captain/helmsman of the ship, deciding our course and navigating the way so as to get us to the right destination with regard to unseen dangers that might lie ahead of us, while we choose to look to Him for guidance to keep us on the right path to our journey’s end on this planet, trusting in His superior experience of life’s currents and submerged rocks that wait to sink us and cause us to flounder.

In this way we learn to live in harmony with the Main Plan and our life will conform to ‘The Flow’ and not be constantly struggling against it. where sometimes we get small personal victories and sometimes we get disasters.

His Plan may not always seem to be ‘fair’ or make sense, but when has life ever done that? for you? – or me – or anyone?

I believe by having faith and seeking Him and following His way over our own choices He will provide a full and satisfying life for His Creations that He did not design to be sad, unworthy or imperfect.

It is the I that mostly causes those things in us and our pride that prevents us from ever seeing it that way. That is why we are required to learn Humility and to serve Him to His Greater Glory.

Right and Wrong

I’d like to thank Pingo (whomsoever they are?) for sparking the spark that resulted in this post.

I hope to get a few comments from my fellow blogworlders out there concerning this post as i think a clearer understanding of this topic may benefit everyone who reads it and consequently everyone else they come into contact with… kinda like a beneficial virus, if you will.

What do we mean when we say something is right?

What do we mean when we say something is wrong?

For most of us we started learning the difference between what was ‘right’ and what was ‘wrong’ from our parents.

That this was greatly determined by how well or otherwise they had learned these things and modified them to fit themselves by the time we were ready to be indoctrinated,  goes a long way to explaining why today people can have such widely varying views and perspectives on the topic… it’s very difficult to come to some ‘generalisations’ we can ALL agree on in this regard.

Our knowledge of right and wrong was also profoundly influenced by our schooling, or teachers and what they taught us, both from the curriculum and from their behaviours. VERY fixed ideas have stuck with us concerning right and wrong from our time spent in school, whether we enjoyed the experience or, more likely if we did not.

For the vast majority of human existance Religion, belief in God(s), has played a large part in our understanding of Right vs Wrong. Today the influence may be waning as more of us look to science to provide us with more ‘certainty’ in our beliefs of our life experiences, but it undeniably plays a major part in a society’s understanding of the concepts – from Sunday Schools to Religious schools to  Christian  (Catholic) Universities to church services to Governments swearing allegiance to God there is no denying Religion influences the topic greatly, even today.

Religion largely equates right with good and wrong with evil – whatever you personally feel about those things.

Religion would have us choose one over the other as a guiding principle to live by. It, unfortunately for humanity, has some widely differing views however, as to what we must do to be ‘good’ or to be ‘right’ in the eyes of God.

In the humanist world right and wrong is somewhat less ‘regimented’, more open to a single human interpretation. Most society’s have their various laws and guidelines and we are considered right/good, if we follow them and wrong/bad if we break them. Almost universally however, inside all of us is the desire to BE ‘right’ – to do the ‘right thing’ (whatever we may feel or even ‘know’ it to be – many times i have found that what IS the ‘right’ thing to do is not the one that will make me feel – in the short term – the best, or indeed is even the one that gives me the greatest personal benefit!).

And herein lies the biggest difficulty i see with the whole right/wrong good/evil concept…. the battle between doing what we feel is ‘best’ for ourself, versus doing what may be the ‘best’ for our family/ city/ country/ society/ Eastern/Western lifestyle or even the whole darn planet, because many times we selfishly see only what is ‘right’ for us and have little to no consideration for those we have to live our lives with. Or we place the highest priority on our being right, even in situations where what we then do as a result causes significant ‘wrong’ to everyone else.

As per my recent post ‘confirmation bias’  is built-in to each and every one of us to convince ourselves of our own ‘rightness’ while diminishing anything that does not agree with our view of things.

I do not believe it is good or right to only consider one’s self-righteous point of perspective and to leave others to do the same. In my mind it is better to consider things from a far wider perspective so that some consensus can be agreed to. We can of course never know exactly what someone else thinks or feels, but i do believe humans are capable of operating co-operatively to a common ‘good’ when we all have respectful input to the conversation.

Comments anyone?

Moral of the Story?

Women are evil


Now as some of you might already know, i love logic and reason.

I also love humour.

So, it is not without a little sadness i point out the following:

What is shown above is a load!

Point 1. Time and money NEVER equals time TIMES money when time equals money for any other case than both time and money equaling 2!?? Hence Proof is flawed. (Unless – both time and money can somehow be limited to only ever holding the value +2).

Point 2. Woman does not equal time and money. Going out with some women can COST you either time, or money, or both but this is by no means a 100% equality. Hence the proof is doubly flawed.

Point 3. Similarly, time is by no means an equality with money. i can count time till the cows come home and will not add one cent to my bank account. My time is only worth what someone else is prepared to pay me for it – That figure currently standing at zero dollars, ergo equality not proven, therefore the proof is triply flawed.

Point 4. By reason of point 3 the third line is similarly unfounded in fact. Proof remains triply flawed.

Point 5. Fallacious assertion: it is not money that is evil. Money has no intrinsic propensity to perform either good or evil acts. The correct quote is the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Hence the proof is quadruply flawed.

Point 6. While the conclusion would be mathematically true assuming the preceding line was in the least bit accurate, we have conclusively demonstrated – it is, in fact,  a load of crock.

Which is a pity ‘cos it looked really funny.

What this proves beyond all reasonable doubt is:

People are as crap at producing perfectly rational logic and proofs as they are at making religion work flawlessly! if you want to throw one out you should throw both out as a way of producing reliable results while imperfect beings (such as humanity has proven itself so far to be) are (ab)using them. :-)