Monday Meekness – a Reminder to be Humble.

It’s Monday!Monday

For those who may be unsure Monday is named after the Moon (MoonDay), naturally it follows Sunday, Biblically the First Day of the week (The day after the Sabbath Day, day of rest from labour) which is named after the source of light to Earth, the Sun. (Light being created By God on the First Day according to the Book of  Genesis)

Although these are the words used in English today, they simply carry on a much longer tradition. The ancient Latin (and current Italian) Words for Sunday and Monday are  dies Solus and dies Lunae (Soledi and Lunedi) Sol and Luna being the Sun and Moon respectively. That this is so is not that remarkable considering the English language is largely based upon that of the Roman conquerors of Britain in the beginning of the first millennium  and of other countries such as France and Germany (and related to Scandinavian Germanic languages also) all of whom have similar sun and moon day names for the first two days of the week.

That this is a long and deeply held belief however is verified by the fact that both Korea and Japan similarly honour the Moon god in that day name as do many Indian languages and Ancient Sanskrit!

So what then, does all this have to do with Meekness and Humility?

The Greek goddess of the Moon was Selene. I hold a tendency to relate Selene with the very similar sounding word Serene, which means calm, tranquil, clear or bright. I also associate those meanings with the Moon. As a source of Light on Earth (albeit of a reflected nature and not as the original source) the Moon is second in nature to the Sun. Whereas the Sun is the most powerful source of natural light, which it possesses due to massively violent nuclear explosions ( the antithesis of calm and quiet, tranquility) the Moon receives this light and in silence and without any effort other than being it’s own Serene self, calmly reflects the light to us down here on Earth. The Moon has no light of it’s own, but by reason of simply being, it is the second brightest object in the sky.

I see this as a very suitable analogy for my relationship with God. I have no ‘light’ that is originated in me, but if i simply ‘be’ (and truly believe) i may reflect the Light that comes from the source of all Light (enlightenment) on Earth. I am to be like the Moon to God’s Sun (Son). Calm, tranquil and serene, being Humbled into second in importance in the Heavens, reflecting purely the Light to all. A light that is commonly surrounded in great darkness and yet lets us see when, at other times, the Sun may not be directly visible to us.

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

Many people have heard the misinterpreted phrase from the Bible – that ‘Money is the Root of all evil’.

The correct translation is from 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘10For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.‘ it is the Love of Money, not the money itself, that is the source of the evil.

Many have heard this but how many know the two verses either side of the above quote?

Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.
Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.

Tim 6:9. ‘But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.’

6:11. ‘But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.’*

meekness n. – 1. the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness; 2. a disposition to be patient and long suffering; 3. the now obsolete meaning of gentleness. (see preceding line*)

So, putting all of the above together: Monday, the day that is dedicated to the Moon by many of the world’s peoples throughout time, is the one day in six i have chosen to pursue Meekness in me, Meekness being one of six things a man of God is asked to follow as a way to flee the evils and griefs resulting from the desire of Man to be rich, or seeking purely material wealth at the expense of our spiritual wealth.

By meditating on how i may be humble, calm, reflective, submissive to a greater power, serene i have hope to become a GentleMan, one who is yet able to shine with bright reflected light as a true servant of that which gives light unto us all.

Bless you all.


Interesting….a Blog Award.

I feel honoured that a fellow blogger Michael, whom i respect as a man of great integrity and a devout spirit considers this blog to be worthy of nomination for the “Interesting Blog Award”.interesting-blog-award

Rules for the acceptance of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you  (Tick!)
2. List five random facts about you  (Tick!)
3. Nominate a minimum of five blogs for the award  (Tick!)
4. Answer the five questions and ask nominees 5 questions of your choice (Tick!)
5. Let them know you have nominated them (Tick)

Five random facts about me? Ok…

I’m a Dual National. Was born British, but became an official Aussie citizen also in 1995 (after living here for over 20 years).

I have an above average ( some would say way above) memory, i even demonstrated ‘the power of the mind’  (to hold and retain information) at seminars. I was even told by the event co-ordinator after my first session to ‘make a couple of mistakes’, otherwise people won’t believe it and think you were faking or a plant ( i wasn’t, i remembered everything over 20 audience members called out, in the order the called them and with the exact features they described, perfectly in a single hearing without any prior set up).

I enjoy taking and framing macro (close up) floral photography that highlights the sometimes overlooked beauty in the small details of plants and insects.

I’m a numismatist also, my speciality being Australia.

I have a plastic tube emerging from my abdomen that’s been there for over 12 months and so far has not been used; some time in the future ( hopefully not soon) it will be used to do the job my kidneys are struggling to do, which is filter toxins from my bloodstream – at least until such time as i may be granted someone else’s kidney as a transplant. ( you only really need one – i currently have less than 10% total function in both mine).

Answer the following 5 questions ( Thanks Michael)

1. How is it that you started blogging? –  Can’t remember my first blog now, was probably around 10 years ago. Just did it because i liked the concept of the internet and having my voice be able to reach a wide audience. I felt there were some things that needed to be said and this was my way to say them.

2. What does your worship consist of?  Hmm.. have had to think about this one.  God for me, is the only being worthy of Worship; given that all i am is due to Him and His spirit in me all i do is worship to Him. That however makes me somewhat ashamed because a lot of the things i do i do for me more than i do for Him. Knowing that, and believing i do wrong in that, leads me to want to do ‘better’ and that is why i am seeking His guidance in my life from this day forward.

3. Do you do any volunteering? Why? Not currently, although the last time i was involved i felt were the most contented days i had ever felt ‘working’. It is something i must get back into – i have no excuse.

4. Do you believe miracles still happen today? Why? I did not used to believe in Miracles, never feeling like i had ever witnessed one or heard of a reliable witness to one, personally, however, i am open to the belief in Miracles occuring today as i believe God has the power to do anything and once my belief and understanding is sufficient i intend to actively participate in them – to His Glory.

5. Do you acknowledge God where ever you go? Why? I never deny God, but i might not always openly acknowledge Him when i am with others or if i get too caught up in my ‘self’ and not be in spirit. This happens far more than i prefer and am doing various exercises to overcome it. I’m a work in progress.

My five questions i would ask my nominees are:

1. Do you get more out of  blogging your thoughts – or from reading those of other bloggers (including Comments)?

2. What stops you from commenting on a post you ‘like’?

3. What is the single greatest external ( ie. not of your own creation) force or influence on/in your life as it is today/now?

4. What is guaranteed to induce in you the greatest Joy?

5. Are you a net giver or net taker of Love? Why?

I nominate the following 5 bloggers for the Interesting Blog Award.


2. -David Yerle Writes…




May this award pass on all Glory to God, Originator/Creator of all that is.

How Successful is Your Communication?


Something we all realise from time to time is that what we say does not always perfectly convey to someone we are communicating with exactly what we meant.

There are two main reasons for this:

1. Our mind is not constructed in exactly the same internal way as that of any other person making a ‘perfect’ exchange of ideas from one mind to another problematic. ( difficult to do just right 😉 )

2. The problem of language. That is trying to find a way of transforming our thoughts into a medium (such as the English or any other language system) that someone else can understand and agree with in order to ‘see’ what we mean.

There is not all that much we can do about either reason: we cannot all think exactly the same way because we have all built up our mind by experiencing many different things since we were born. What we can do is try to remember this when we offer our ideas, words, thoughts to anyone else and do our best to make things as clear and as not open to different interpretation as we can. This requires constant conscious efforts on our part and a realisation that people are going to take what we say slightly differently to what we meant.

This is true for all forms of communication, written, spoken, non-verbal (body language/facial expression) or if we use visual forms to communicate ( movies, sign-language, etc)

The second problem though, language has problems built into it – problems we might rarely think much about.

This was brought home to me most clearly in a course i took on communication with a very simple demonstration i would like to share now.

I didn’t say he killed his wife.

A simple easy to understand sentence of just 7 little words – how difficult could it be to understand something like that? We all understand what each word means – there is no confusion about any single word – right?

But what exactly did i mean when i said that?

To be clear here, try emphasising one word out of the sentence… then do the same for a different word, do it for all words separately.

eg. EYE didn’t say he killed his wife – meaning either: i never said he did even if i thought it, OR, i might have repeated it but i was not the FIRST one to say it – someone else was.

i DIDN’T say he killed his wife – meaning i never said or thought it, or, i don’t currently recall saying it.

i didn’t SAY he killed his wife – meaning either i ‘implied’ he did without actually saying the words, or, i may have written it or given the impression that was my belief in a way that did not use spoken words.

For each word you emphasise you can put a different meaning to the sentence. There are at LEAST 7 different meanings to those seven words in that order!

Often we can determine the intended meaning from the context around it. Context is very important and is one reason why say quoting a single verse from the Bible may not give all people the idea you intended. People need more than just the words said to get the whole idea behind a thought.

More often, if we don’t, people will put their own individual interpretation on what is said. or easily discount it totally.

This is particularly true of the written word – blogs, letters, emails, and even moreso in SMS where context is usually not present.

The reason for this is that of all the things we communicate to another, which used to only be face-to-face, before people learned to read and write and before the telephone the actual words we use comprise just 9-10%.

The tone of our voice transmits around 40% of our meaning and the rest – a whopping 50% – is transmitted by our body language, our expression as we say something or our physical stance, tapping of feet waving of arms etc.

Quite obviously the 90% of our communication that is non-verbal cannot be transmitted via the written word alone.

Emoticons were developed to help improve the ‘interpretation’ of our words by aiding our ability to transmit our emotion along with the words we write.

Something to remember whenever we write.