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Like’s are nice, but…

Most wordpress bloggers and facebook users know what a ‘like’ is, Right?

We click on the little icon that says ‘LIKE’ if we want the author/owner of the wall or whatever to know we came and enjoyed what we saw, one little mouseclick says so much – and takes so little effort on our parts. It’s unambiguous, both parties the sender and the sendee understand what is meant and everyone’s happy. Job Done! off to the next page. Don’t really need to write a comment that probably won’t really say what i mean to say anyway, and besides who has the time to write today?


Like’s are nice, but, if you really mean something about what you saw here gave you something worth while and you ‘like’d’ it, you could show me your intention much better by clicking the link over there:


and spend a couple of minutes helping feed someone who needs a few grains of rice to live till tomorrow.

If you REALLY like’d it you could put your own link on your own site – ask if you need the instructions, always glad to help out.

The starving, Bob and God thank you.


P.S. This post has been pasted as the ‘top’ post on the website home page from now on. If you want to see the latest posts look at ‘Recent Posts’ at the top of the sidebar!