Moving Beyond Optical Delusion

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Moving Beyond Optical Delusion

EinsteinWe found a very interesting quote by Albert Einstein this week about a subject you wouldn’t normally associate with a physicist. Einstein had this to say about optical delusions: “A human being is part of the whole called the ‘Universe.’ (We) experience (ourselves) as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion in consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us. Our task is to free ourselves from optical delusions.”

He is right, of course. And the interesting thing about this insight from the “Father of Relativity” is that it captures the human dilemma of being spiritual beings (from theabsolute realm of creation) imprisoned as physical beings (in the relative realm of creation). Essentially, we are prisoners of ‘realitivity.’

Bmprstkr.OpticalDelThe thing about our ‘relativity sentence’ is that it fools tens of millions of people with the illusions materiality spins. Most people depend only on the physical senses and are incarcerated by optical delusions. Many more throttle back their consciousness by holding onto past beliefs and old scripts that keep them mired down in the shadows of rigid convention, religious dogma, and unhealthy assumptions.

Billions of people live in a world of BS. Debilitating BS. A BS built on negativity and a false sense of separateness. Down here – on Earth, that is – it’s all BS. Before you think we’re being a little cavalier with all of this BS talk, we need to clarify what we mean by BS. BS stands for Belief System.

People whose BS keeps them tied to the world of outer appearances live in a world of shadows, of ‘optical delusions’ as Einstein so aptly put it. They live in a world of separation and duality. A world that gives power to outer appearances instead of inner transformation.

Most people have sold out to the world of form. They have created a world that supports optical delusions to satisfy their materialistic appetites. And as we unfortunately see in the news every week, some people are in so much ‘optical delusional pain’ they want to inflict pain on others.

Plato gave us a brilliant description of the world of optical delusions we’ve created, in theCave Allegory from his masterpiece, the Republic.

CaveShadows-sxc824790_25483659In the Cave Allegory, Plato imagines a group of people who have lived in a cave all of their lives. They are chained to a wall so they can’t see the cave entrance. They can only face the wall.

Behind them is a constant light that illuminates various statues that have been placed behind them. The light’s movements cause shadows to flicker around the cave.

When the people of the cave see these shadows they think they’re seeing life in action. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to seeing reality.

Plato then explains how a philosopher who was a former ‘prisoner’ is freed from the cave and realizes that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all. He sees that the light outside the cave and the statues which cause the shadows are real but that the shadows themselves are optical delusions.

The philosopher realizes that the shadows in the cave were just effects created by the real objects. He had given power to things that weren’t real.

At the end of the allegory, Plato is adamant that it is the philosopher’s burden to re-enter the cave. Plato reasons that those who have seen the light have a duty to educate those in the material world (cave) so they can spread light to those in darkness.

For us, it is our privilege – not so much of a burden – but privilege as Unity ministers and spiritual leaders, to help humankind move out of the world of shadows, and beyond the world of optical delusions into the light.

candle-hearts-small-sxc1414107_64674361 copyWe’re all beings of light. Mastering this human experience requires that we realize WE ARE THE LIGHT EXPRESSING ITSELF IN HUMAN FORM AS US!

We want to assure you that no matter what happens to you here on the human plane, you have the power to move beyond any and all optical delusions. It is delusional to think otherwise.


A Mind Divided


A house divided against itself cannot stand.

That is a quote from Abraham Lincoln in 1858. He was using it in the context of the division in the ‘United’ States between slavery and non-slavery states. Ultimately it took a disastrous Civil War to finally unite the Northern and Southern states although there are still some who feel ‘divided’ and unjustly treated even today, over 150 years and 5 generations after Lincoln’s speech.

While Lincoln said it, it was not his original thought, like many great quotes it was first stated in the Bible, Matthew 12:25 and others,” Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

I believe however, that the quote also applies very well to each one of us as an individual.

How can that be? How am i, how is anyone of us, a ‘House divided’?

It is an undeniable fact that we all live in our own physical ‘house’ – our human body. What is perhaps less clear, or at least not very well understood by the majority of us, is what that body ‘contains’ within, in terms of our consciousness; the thing that allows us to perform actions with that body as well as to think thoughts and experience our human desires and emotions.

While science has made unprecedented progress in discoveries external to our body and has made good progress in medicine and understanding of the physical human form it has made little to no real progress in helping us understand our internal nature, our consciousness, our mind and that poorly understood term, spirit.

I contend that within our true nature are two opposing ‘sides’, for want of a better word. The physical side that contends with our daily life and experiences (since conception/birth) of the physical environment around and outside of us, and a spiritual side that operates differently to our physical nature, one that is so very easily overlooked and hard to ‘pin down’ for our examination or dissection, unlike our physical side.

As we grow from our childhood into adulthood in our physical nature, gaining from every single life experience in the physical world, so too are we to grow from spiritual childhood into adulthood, by living and gaining from our experiences with the things of Spirit.

The trouble here is we tend to confuse both as being one and the same thing when it should be quite clear that it is nothing of the kind.

We live simultaneously in two ‘minds’ – one dedicated to the physical and one to the spiritual side of our nature. We are a house ‘divided’, subject to two differing and powerful ‘forces’ (attractions). As Lincoln and many others have long known, we do not perform to our full capabilities if we are of two minds, one must take precedent over the other so as to prevent working against our own best interest. As the Union was to be under one government to best serve it’s peoples’ interest, so too we are to be under one ‘government’ to best serve our self interest.

The Bible states ” No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.(material wealth)” Matt 6:24

The truth is most of us feel like we need to follow the attraction (force) that is dedicated to our material world, that this is necessary in order to feed ourselves and our families, to provide shelter, to educate ourselves and to ‘enjoy’ our (physical) life. Since this is the world we spend most of our time having to experience, the tendency to give it our highest priority is a quite natural and understandable one.

However, this largely ignores, and in some cases directly opposes, our spiritual natures, what some call our ‘highest’ ideals; we compromise ourselves out of expediency or physical ‘necessity’.

It does not have to be this way though, indeed – i feel it should not be that way!

The alternative is to find ways to follow the attraction (force) of Spirit in our life, to give our spiritual ‘child’ as much nourishment as was given to the physical child we once were. It requires a certain self-discipline, a willingness to even consider that the option exists in the first place and then to be able to overcome the attraction we feel to the physical and all the fixed behaviour patterns in it and to it we have developed since childhood, our materialistic desires and wants and likes; to gain control over our emotional states that oppose our spirit: Anger and rage, envies,greed, lust of physical form, hatred, selfishness, self-pride, etc, etc.

Some achieve this ‘naturally’, through a debasing process where an individual falls down so far and comes to realise how futile their life has become through ignoring their spiritual nature and paying attention only to the physical world and self. That such a life has no longer anything of value to them and they see a new way of being – their spirit reaches out to them once all the appeal of the physical has ‘died’ or is very near to death, to having nothing left of any permanent value to the individual.

Some take a longer route and achieve it through various devices, of a religious or ascetic nature. Whatever the path it is possible for anyone to choose to become more ‘in tune’ to their spiritual nature and to begin practicing living a life where the spiritual ‘mind’ takes control over the physical body.

We can ‘walk’ in Spirit.

But we have to crawl before we can walk, and ultimately run, as our spirit desires.

It is not just my philosophy, but that of many of the world’s greatest minds since humans began to write their thoughts down, that considers our spirit is a part of a greater ‘Whole’: that we can connect to a vastly more complex unity than we ever experience from our own self viewpoint and can learn how to operate in total harmony with that Unity, the Oneness, God.

But it requires us to recognise that the physical and the spiritual are most often working towards different aims, that there is an imbalance inherent in us that we have to learn to overcome, and that we can only do this by accepting the Gift of spirit we all have been given and using it in the manner in which it was intended to be used.

If we choose to ignore the spirit, we do so at our peril, knowing the consequences and taking what benefits we may in the short term.

But the spirit has a longer term objective, one of far greater reach than we can achieve using just our physical body alone, it desires to be re-united into that from which it came, even as it is certain it can never be parted from it for more than a single lifetime.

Once we become aware of this we then have the choice, to live with our physical mind commanding our thought and action, following the physical attraction, or to choose the spiritual mind to lead us and follow that attraction, each one will pull us in one way or the other – only we can choose which one is to have our full attention.

it’s your choice now.

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In Just 60 Little Seconds of Your Life…

My blog’s been feeling a little ‘heavy’ lately – deep things going on. Our life should be a life of moderation ( of most things ) so to lighten the mood a little…


What Happens in an Internet Minute


640 thousand Gigabytes of data EVERY minute!!!?

OK – minute’s up – now get back to work! 😉


It’s been a while since i did a photo post.

Orchids are amongst the largest family of flowering plants with over 26 000 natural species and up to 100 000 cultivated varieties, including the rare and relatively expensive vanilla plant, which chef’s value highly for their seed pods

A show by an Orchid growers society last weekend gave me a great o opportunity to capture some of Nature’s incredible and awesome beauty ( with but a small helping hand from Man, some of these flowers had never grown in the ‘wild’ but needed careful tweaking by the hands of craftsmen to exist.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when man and God work in harmony, the results can be spectacularly special.

(Left clicking on any photo below will open up a slideshow, but i prefer to Right click and open in a new tab as this gives a bigger image that shows more detail of any photo). 🙂

How Can I Give Thanks When I Don’t Feel Grateful?

How can I give thanks when I don’t feel grateful?

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spiritual healing

Dr. Robert Emmons

Research on gratitude summarised by Dr Robert Emmons University of California has been conducted on thousands of people around the world. Those who practice gratitude tend to be more creative, bounce back more quickly from adversity, have a stronger immune system, and have stronger social relationships than those who don’t practice gratitude. Giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient, it strengthens relationships, it improves health, and it reduces stress.

The trouble is, you might doubt whether it is possible to cultivate a grateful attitude when you feel anything but thankful?  Five obstacles stand in the way to better appreciating the good things in life.


However busy you are e.g. seeing to the kids, earning a living, doing all the practical chores, chasing your tail, it is surely possible to create a little time just once a week to recall some good things you have experienced, and put pen to paper to focus your mind.


Instead of feeling disappointed about big things not happening for you, why not start noticing the small things that you can be more appreciative of, like the perfect parking spot you had on a cold day, the unexpected dollar you found in your pocket or at the back of the couch and the pleasant act of courtesy from someone you don’t really know. Try not to take for granted the good things you have got.

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus


Rather than trying and then failing to feel thankful, you could try speaking words of thanks out loud — whether to a friend, the person who you wish you could thank or in prayer to your idea of God. Saying or doing something can focus on and thus develop that fleeting feeling. One possibility is to write notes to your family and friends to express your gratitude even for small favours. Religious people share a thankful prayer of grace before a meal.


Another way is to stop and use your imagination. If you were to pretend to yourself that you have lost some of the things that you take for granted, such as your home, your car, your ability to walk, or anything that currently gives you comfort, you could in your mind’s eye then picture getting each of these things back, one by one: consider  how grateful you would be for each and every one.

Similarly, you might ask yourself to what extent you notice the precious things around?  Things like the beauty in nature, the goodness in altruistic action, the innocent sphere of a baby.

The spiritual writer Roger Walsh has pointed out that this blindness to the sacred in the world, in others and in oneself, is particularly dramatic in modern Western culture, largely due to the influence of science.  I feel we are so bombarded by the scientific description of the universe as a great meaningless machine and the account of evolution as a random series of events, that these views can easily be seen to be the natural and only way of looking at things. Are we not in danger of living in a disenchanted world seemingly stripped of significance, spirit and purpose? To appreciate and give thanks for the sacred requires an additional way of knowing to the one scientists use. A perception of the soul.

The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with the heart. (Helen Keller)


Some opposing feelings are incompatible. For example you either resent someone or feel appreciation for them. You can’t be both angry and thankful at the same time or both envious and grateful. The negative feeling is incompatible with the positive one. One tip I find helpful, is to first tackle the negative. Rather than sweeping a serious problem under the carpet, address it openly by expressing and resolving feelings of anger with the other person. Then you can make a conscious choice about which way you are going to turn. You either can nurse your hurts or look for their good points.

In their book Rise Above It, Ray and Star Silverman say that, in giving thanks for our parents, we are also giving thanks to the divine source of all that is good in life. However, there is a danger that we might cling to childhood wounds, however real or imagined, like sacred scars. If so, they will discolour and distort our attitudes to other people and the experience of life itself. If we have seen anger in our parents we might ask ourselves whether this can be re-seen as determination, or a great concern for our welfare. Perhaps stubbornness or inflexibility should be re-seen as strength or conviction. In other words you can be a sort of tv remote control and change mind channels at will: the negative or the positive news channel.

Swedenborgian view

Emanuel Swedenborg the spiritual philosopher used the “as if ” phrase. He wrote that anything what is good within us is usually felt as if it is our own. However, he maintains that this is a necessary illusion for the sake of our sense of inner freedom of personal choice. Actually when the religious minded person comes to think about it, he or she acknowledges that all good things come from the source of goodness itself rather than from ones own merit. And so it is to this Source that one gives thanks. According to this view, even a thankful heart — which counts one’s blessings — is a spiritual gift that one can receive.

I praise the Lord here today. I know that all my talent and all my ability comes from him, and without him I’m nothing and I thank him for his great blessing. (Ernie Harwell)

Copyright 2013 Stephen Russell-Lacy

Time and Tides Wait for No Moon!

If you will forgive the slight bastardisation of the old proverb i will endeavour to explain.

I have queried the ‘common’ scientific ‘wisdom’ concerning our planet’s tides in a previous post, and to date have not had a single reply to my query (why is the Moon said to have the greater effect on our tides when it can be shown the Sun’s gravitational pull is about 170 times that of the Moon at the surface of the Earth?)

Today i was reconsidering the subject and found a direct contradiction between accepted scientific argument and the simple facts. In science this should not be so!

‘Anyone’ (who does not actually know better by simple observation) will tell you that the Moon’s gravitational pull on Earth causes the water directly facing the Moon to ‘rise’ upwards causing a high tide. They will likewise probably try to convince you that when the Moon and the Sun are both in a direct line with the Earth that this pull and resulting ‘bulge’ of the ocean’s surface is at it’s maximum causing a ‘Spring tide’ or highest tide in any month.

Spring and Neap (low) tides. The Sun is to the left of this image.

Spring and Neap (low) tides. The Sun is to the left of this image.

The smarter ones will even explain that because the earth’s surface is not smooth and even, having points both higher and lower than the level of our oceans in irregular pattern, that some tides can be much higher than others and sometimes not exactly occurring when you would otherwise expect them to.

This generally satisfies all but the most questioning minds on the matter – we believe what is said by those who seem to know what they are talking about.

It is a mistake to not question things – to just believe blindly when someone who seems to know what they are talking about says ‘This is so’.

Here’s my point. While it is true that Earth’s surface (eg coastline) is complex and does make for unusual tides (Bay of Fundy has tides of 50+feet while most places it is only 2-5 feet difference between high and low tides) there is a place where there is but a small amount of land in a massive (1/3rd the surface of the Earth!) amount of water. If there is anywhere the actual effect of Moon and Sun on the tides should be able to be fairly observed, it is Hawaii!

And guess what? Looking at the tide tables for any month on Hawaiian islands shows something quite ‘wrong’ (at least as far as the experts would tell you was the case!)

4/9/2013 10:18 AM -0.20 ft. Low 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/9/2013 4:57 PM 1.69 ft. High 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/9/2013 11:19 PM 0.10 ft. Low 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/10/2013 4:47 AM 1.09 ft. High 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/10/2013 10:44 AM -0.19 ft. Low 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/10/2013 5:32 PM 1.76 ft. High 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/11/2013 12:04 AM 0.13 ft. Low 6:18 AM 6:50 PM
4/11/2013 5:20 AM 0.96 ft. High 6:17 AM 6:51 PM
4/11/2013 11:11 AM -0.16 ft. Low 6:17 AM 6:51 PM
4/11/2013 6:08 PM 1.78 ft. High 6:17 AM 6:51 PM

These are the tide tables for Waikiki, Hawaii in April 2013, (New Moon was  11 April) . High tide (red) and Low Tide (blue) are shown, whereas on the New Moon, the green figures show the greatest daily difference between a high and low tide (1.95 feet)

4/26/2013 10:54 AM -0.37 ft. Low 6:05 AM 6:56 PM
4/26/2013 6:03 PM 2.13 ft. High 6:05 AM 6:56 PM
4/27/2013 1:00 AM 0.00 ft. Low 6:05 AM 6:56 PM
4/27/2013 5:55 AM 0.73 ft. High 6:04 AM 6:56 PM
4/27/2013 11:33 AM -0.33 ft. Low 6:04 AM 6:56 PM
4/27/2013 6:52 PM 2.14 ft. High 6:04 AM 6:56 PM

The above table is for the Full Moon (Moon on opposite side of planet to the Sun!) on 26 April. NOTE: ALL tides are more extreme during Full Moon than for the New Moon when both bodies should have their force added to one another and should therefore be more extreme!

The diff in tides for a New Moon ( pull together) = 1.95ft

The diff in tides for a Full Moon ( pull opposite) = 2.5 ft??

But the weirdness does not stop there, Thinking about the time of day the tides are supposed to occur consider this diagram.

Position of the Moon at High Tide??

Position of the Moon at High Tide??

Imagine you are looking at the Earth from over the North Pole and imagine the topmost blue crescent is the Pacific Ocean with Hawaii roughly where the HighTide arrow is pointing to. Considering the ‘Full Moon’ table data (Highest tide in April 2013), then the Moon is directly above Hawaii and the Sun would be directly below (opposite side of earth to the full moon!) In other words – it is midnight (near enough) in Hawaii.


By the predicted (verifiable) tide times High tide occurs SIX HOURS BEFORE midnight! (6:03 pm) The lowest tide is an hour before Midday (10:54 am –  when we should be having the second ‘high tide’ then!)

The highest tide of the Month is when the Moon is almost 90 degrees away from the vertical, close to the Horizon. How can the Pacific Ocean bulge outwards at it’s highest point on the tiny amount of land available when the Moon still has a half of the sky to travel through before it is pulling the bulge to it’s highest point from the surface?

Just to make the point more obvious… the Low Tide arrow above is pointing to where Hawaii is relative to the moon when there is a High Tide in Hawaii!

Can anyone offer a sound explanation for this scientific anomaly?


ImagesL K.Cooley @ and Wikipedia

Why Time Travel is (Probably) Impossible… Addendum

(Subtitled: Ooops! I forgot one) 😉

There is yet another reason why Time Travel is ( probably) impossible, specifically involving the method of light/hyper light speed.

I did not make it clear ( because it makes it even more complicated and confusing to those who don’t like maths) but there is a reason why Time seems to slow down at near light speed. And it is the same principle that creates this latest nail in Time Travel’s coffin so i better give you the lowdown before i come to the clincher.

Around the end of the 19th century Hendrik Lorenz and others were considering the implications of the recently discovered electron and came up with a formula known as the Lorentz Transformation (later refined and corrected by mathematician Henri Poincare in 1905 and which helped Einstein produce his special theory of relativity).

Basically this formula describes how physical equations that describe some events in our ‘normal’ reference frame here on earth have to be modified when their speed relative to someone doing the observing of events is considered.

Forgive the math but it simply (?) says:

γ = 1/√(1-v²/c²)

Anyone who remembers their high school maths knows that as the denominator of a number gets smaller, the resultant gets bigger, and that you can never divide 1 by zero since the answer is something infinitely large.

Looking again at the equation above we see that as our velocity = v starts to get very close to c – the speed of light – v²/c² gets very very close to one, so 1 minus something very, very close to one becomes very, very close to zero! The square root of that number is even closer to zero and so γ becomes massively large.

Using the Lorentz Transformation as it applies to Time between two observers moving apart at speed = v

To = γTv tells us that for the person who sees themselves as ‘stationary’ (To), Tv( time to the moving person  in the spaceship) appears to be Tv = To/γ or, our ‘time’ divided by a huge number if v ~ c meaning their time appears very much slower,

Similarly, for the moving observer (although to him he sees us as moving away from him while he is ‘stationary’ in the spaceship with his clock) To = γTv  so he sees time as moving very fast on Earth compared to his clock back on board.

The same transformation applies to the momentum of any object travelling at speed.

This says that the momentum of the moving object appears to have γ times the momentum of a ‘stationary’ object (a stationary object actually has zero momentum relative to the stationary reference frame since momentum = mass times velocity p= mv, if v=0 then p=0)

But p=mv is true only for ‘low’ values of v at light speed we have to use p= γp so an object has ‘infinite’ momentum if v = c

The energy require to increase an object’s momentum to infinite would also be infinite.


In other words it would take more energy than we can ever accumulate to travel fast as or faster than light speed.

Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible! (Part 3)

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.Blaise Pascal 🙂

(For part 2 see here: )

Alright, as promised so very long ago…

Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible!

Time Machine meets Big Bang

In the movie, The Time Machine, based upon the novel by H.G. Wells, the hero makes a machine that ‘isolates’ him and his machine in a time bubble while the rest of the world around him first experiences a rapid prolonged period of elapsed time and then the same process in reverse. He effectively stays still and, compared to the world, he seems to have no time (does not age) or be incapable of movement. Yet inside his bubble he sees everything inside as ‘normal’ while the world becomes a blur and things decay and pass away and earth builds up and wears down around him as time passes him ‘by’. When he stops his machine he can get out and everything returns to ‘normal’ time but millions of years in the future while he lived only a few minutes inside the machine bubble.  This is very similar to the effect described back in part one. The differences are: a) both he and the earth (and any earth observer) effectively remained travelling at the same speed and direction (never came close to moving at light speed compared to the earth); and b). he was able to do the same journey in reverse.

Basically he moved through Time alone, not through space.

Trouble is though, rarely does one appreciate, that here on earth we are never ‘standing still’.

Standing up or sitting down in one spot as you may now be you are moving in at LEAST 4 different motions and speeds.

In increasing velocities they are:

1. rotation of earth around it’s axis ( between 300 and 1600 km/h for most of us, faster at the equator, slower near the poles)

2. revolving around the sun. (about 100,000km/h)

3. revolving around Milky Way galaxy centre (around 3/4 of a million km/h)

4. the Milky Way galaxy is moving away from the big bang and from other galaxies at enormous speed.

you can add another one if you are in a train, plane or automobile right now.

So, now that we are aware of this fact and also of the interconnectedness of Space-time we are forced to realise that in order to move in time we also must move in space. Where we are ‘now’ is not where we were even a few seconds ago nor will it be where we are next year.

Newton observed that any object in motion will continue in that motion until an unbalanced force acts upon it. Newtons First Law of Motion, also known as Law of Inertia.

In order for us to move through space-time it requires the use of an ‘unbalanced’ force, whether it be to walk along a beach, fly in a plane or journey to Mars, or even to move through time. A force must be placed upon the object to be moved and either attract it (like a magnet does steel) or repel it, like our feet do against the earth and gravity.

This force requires energy. Moving in 3d space requires energy proportional to the distance to be moved and the mass being moved and the objects initial momentum, which is proportional to the objects velocity.

As we saw above any object on earth has an enormous resultant velocity, even stationary ones, and hence enormous momentum to overcome.

So time travel would require energy not only to move in the time dimension  but also significant quantities to move in the physical dimensions. And here is another ‘catch’ – just what do we push against, or attract with to move through the time dimension? To what and to where, exactly, is this force to be applied?

Something else we never normally consider in time travel is the concept in physics of conservation.

Things like mass/energy, momentum and angular momentum must be ‘conserved’ and yet if time travel were possible, there could be more mass and therefore more momentum/angular momentum in the future (if we travel to the future) or the past, if we travel back in time, than there is ‘now’ when we are no longer there. That could make things very confusing indeed.

I think the final ‘proof’ that time travel is not possible however is a very simple to understand one.

Given what we know of our human nature – if time travel was possible (at least in a backwards direction) we surely should have had some evidence of it somewhere in our ‘past’ by now?

That’s a pretty huge ‘secret’ to keep without any hints of being suspected. – Probably! 😉

Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible! (Part 2)

( for part 1 see here).

OK – so part 1 seems to contradict it’s title… by travelling at or very near the speed of light our time slows down relative to a ‘stationary’ observer so that we seem to be able to travel forwards in time relative to them! (But not so relative to us).

So how about going backwards in time? Can we go ‘back’ once we have gone ‘forwards’? Sadly, not by the same method. We can skip ahead by travelling at high speed but we can’t skip back. This is because Time slows down for us relative to a stationary observer. The slowest speed we can travel at is always a positive number or else it is zero – which means we are not moving at all relative to them and our timelines are identical, while we travel at the same speed as them. Travelling in the ‘reverse’ direction is possible in space (forward v backwards, up v down, etc.) but it is always a positive speed relative to a stationary observer; we cannot travel in reverse ‘speed’.

Although Einstein showed it to be impossible for anything with mass to travel faster than the speed of light -because, as you approach that speed, time seems to slow to zero – some have hypothesised that if you could go any faster time would start to travel in the ‘reverse’ direction – As Star Trek and a few other Sci Fi movies like to have us believe could be possible. But we can’t and so it isn’t (probably!) 😉


Physicists hold out a hope for those who want to travel back in time however. To understand why it is necessary to rethink how we view both Time, and Space.

To most of us Time is different to space: we know we can move in any combination of 3 directions called ‘dimensions’  (up/down, left/right, into screen/out of screen) whereas time for us is only in one direction and we cannot move in it in any way other than by seconds that can’t be stopped (but see time and speed in part 1).

Einstein though, developed an entirely new concept – Space-Time, where instead of our 3 dimensional space universe the Universe is actually a four dimensional structure (here is where most minds start to really ‘boggle’ – we know we can simulate a 3d image on a 2d screen, that’s how old televisions and pictures work. These days the effect is improved with the use of glasses or special screens on our TV or cinemas. To simulate a 4d ‘image’ though would need a minimum of three dimensions and some pretty fancy special effects. You can’t do it any justice with a 2d picture – so i won’t even try.

What is important about it though is this… it treats time just like any of the other dimensions. it has a forwards/backwards, up/down thing going on with Time. In space-time every point in time AND space can be uniquely defined, anything in the ‘now’ our past, or our future EXISTS as a possible ‘point’ in space time.

As for the ‘backwards’ part in Time Travel? Physics proposes that things called ‘wormholes’ are possible in space-time, things similar to the ‘bubbles’ in a block of Swiss cheese. If we could enter one of these and live they could (emphasis on  the 2nd ‘could’) be a ‘shortcut’ through space-time to another point. They could connect two points massively far apart in space- or in time, or both!

Travelling through the wormhole would take far less time to travel between those points than it would if we used conventional methods – like walking or ‘fast’ spaceships. (Note: walking is NOT recommended for travel in actual space). Theoretically we could go ‘back’ in time. ONE of the main difficulties though would be the ability to determine where the wormhole ‘came out’.

Our conscious perspective of time is that the time dimension just ‘goes’ one way, one speed… but that is JUST our perspective. Different ‘observers’ in different places and possibly moving at different speeds to us will have different perspectives of our ‘reality’.

This means that different people see the same things happening at different times and in different places.

Weirdly, something that we see as happening in the ‘past’ someone else might see as happening in our ‘now’.

Even weirder, something we think of as ‘will happen’ in our future ( say a solar eclipse) someone else could see as happening in our ‘now’. Their perspective has the exact equal validity as does ours.

This means that the past, future and present may all exist simultaneously, for all of us! Altering our ability to perceive a thing may mean we can see the future, or see the past as though it is happening ‘now’ and what we perceive of as a one way stream of time is just an illusion created by our consciousness and our speed as we travel through space-time. (Remember time effectively slows down to zero, there IS NO ‘time’ at light speed, relative to a stationary observer).

But i digress… the post is supposed to be why Time Travel is (probably) impossible…

I’ll show you, in part 3! 😉

Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible! (Part 1)

Bob can’t help himself (let me count the ways!), but when it comes to watching science documentary’s Bob’s brain goes into hypermode afterwards.

Case in Point: Brian Greene’s ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos – Illusion of Time’.

It discussed our current understanding of just what Time is and how it seemingly only ‘moves’ in one direction and at a constant pace (to us here on earth – although we make the assumption it must be that way ‘everywhere’) It is this appearance that has given rise to the phrase ‘River of Time’. We float like we are on a raft on a smoothly flowing river; we can move in any direction over the river’s uneven surface but the river (Time) keeps on moving always in the one direction and at the same speed.

Or rather we used to believe so.


Albert Einstein believed, through his equations for Special Relativity, that time actually travelled at various rates, for various observers, depending upon their speed relative to each other. It was not until the 70’s, many years after his death, thanks to jet planes and spacecraft and atomic clocks, that man was actually able to prove Einstein was right! Time really does ‘move’ more slowly for someone who is moving faster relative to us.

So Time may be a river but it ‘flows’ literally at varying speed.

Contrary to what you might expect, the faster you travel (relative to an observer, on earth, say), the slower your time actually ‘moves’, when compared to the ‘stationary’ observer. To you however things just seem to keep ‘ticking along’ normally, you don’t notice that you have ‘slowed down’.

Einstein predicted that as you got closer to a speed equal to the fastest speed possible – that of light – your ‘time’ becomes so slow that, to an observer back on Earth for you, time appears to have stood still! Your clock does not appear to move at all (whereas in your reference frame time appears to be moving ‘normally’).

If you were able to turn your ship around and return to earth you would find, quite alarmingly, that while your trip only took you perhaps a couple of months, many years had passed back on Earth IN THE ‘SAME’ TIME!

It would be as if, by travelling at such an enormous velocity, you had travelled ‘forward’ in Time itself.

This is of course, Impossible (But none-the-less true!)

NEXT: see Part 2.