Interesting….a Blog Award.

I feel honoured that a fellow blogger Michael, whom i respect as a man of great integrity and a devout spirit considers this blog to be worthy of nomination for the “Interesting Blog Award”.interesting-blog-award

Rules for the acceptance of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you  (Tick!)
2. List five random facts about you  (Tick!)
3. Nominate a minimum of five blogs for the award  (Tick!)
4. Answer the five questions and ask nominees 5 questions of your choice (Tick!)
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Five random facts about me? Ok…

I’m a Dual National. Was born British, but became an official Aussie citizen also in 1995 (after living here for over 20 years).

I have an above average ( some would say way above) memory, i even demonstrated ‘the power of the mind’  (to hold and retain information) at seminars. I was even told by the event co-ordinator after my first session to ‘make a couple of mistakes’, otherwise people won’t believe it and think you were faking or a plant ( i wasn’t, i remembered everything over 20 audience members called out, in the order the called them and with the exact features they described, perfectly in a single hearing without any prior set up).

I enjoy taking and framing macro (close up) floral photography that highlights the sometimes overlooked beauty in the small details of plants and insects.

I’m a numismatist also, my speciality being Australia.

I have a plastic tube emerging from my abdomen that’s been there for over 12 months and so far has not been used; some time in the future ( hopefully not soon) it will be used to do the job my kidneys are struggling to do, which is filter toxins from my bloodstream – at least until such time as i may be granted someone else’s kidney as a transplant. ( you only really need one – i currently have less than 10% total function in both mine).

Answer the following 5 questions ( Thanks Michael)

1. How is it that you started blogging? –  Can’t remember my first blog now, was probably around 10 years ago. Just did it because i liked the concept of the internet and having my voice be able to reach a wide audience. I felt there were some things that needed to be said and this was my way to say them.

2. What does your worship consist of?  Hmm.. have had to think about this one.  God for me, is the only being worthy of Worship; given that all i am is due to Him and His spirit in me all i do is worship to Him. That however makes me somewhat ashamed because a lot of the things i do i do for me more than i do for Him. Knowing that, and believing i do wrong in that, leads me to want to do ‘better’ and that is why i am seeking His guidance in my life from this day forward.

3. Do you do any volunteering? Why? Not currently, although the last time i was involved i felt were the most contented days i had ever felt ‘working’. It is something i must get back into – i have no excuse.

4. Do you believe miracles still happen today? Why? I did not used to believe in Miracles, never feeling like i had ever witnessed one or heard of a reliable witness to one, personally, however, i am open to the belief in Miracles occuring today as i believe God has the power to do anything and once my belief and understanding is sufficient i intend to actively participate in them – to His Glory.

5. Do you acknowledge God where ever you go? Why? I never deny God, but i might not always openly acknowledge Him when i am with others or if i get too caught up in my ‘self’ and not be in spirit. This happens far more than i prefer and am doing various exercises to overcome it. I’m a work in progress.

My five questions i would ask my nominees are:

1. Do you get more out of  blogging your thoughts – or from reading those of other bloggers (including Comments)?

2. What stops you from commenting on a post you ‘like’?

3. What is the single greatest external ( ie. not of your own creation) force or influence on/in your life as it is today/now?

4. What is guaranteed to induce in you the greatest Joy?

5. Are you a net giver or net taker of Love? Why?

I nominate the following 5 bloggers for the Interesting Blog Award.


2. -David Yerle Writes…




May this award pass on all Glory to God, Originator/Creator of all that is.


Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible! (Part 2)

( for part 1 see here).

OK – so part 1 seems to contradict it’s title… by travelling at or very near the speed of light our time slows down relative to a ‘stationary’ observer so that we seem to be able to travel forwards in time relative to them! (But not so relative to us).

So how about going backwards in time? Can we go ‘back’ once we have gone ‘forwards’? Sadly, not by the same method. We can skip ahead by travelling at high speed but we can’t skip back. This is because Time slows down for us relative to a stationary observer. The slowest speed we can travel at is always a positive number or else it is zero – which means we are not moving at all relative to them and our timelines are identical, while we travel at the same speed as them. Travelling in the ‘reverse’ direction is possible in space (forward v backwards, up v down, etc.) but it is always a positive speed relative to a stationary observer; we cannot travel in reverse ‘speed’.

Although Einstein showed it to be impossible for anything with mass to travel faster than the speed of light -because, as you approach that speed, time seems to slow to zero – some have hypothesised that if you could go any faster time would start to travel in the ‘reverse’ direction – As Star Trek and a few other Sci Fi movies like to have us believe could be possible. But we can’t and so it isn’t (probably!) 😉


Physicists hold out a hope for those who want to travel back in time however. To understand why it is necessary to rethink how we view both Time, and Space.

To most of us Time is different to space: we know we can move in any combination of 3 directions called ‘dimensions’  (up/down, left/right, into screen/out of screen) whereas time for us is only in one direction and we cannot move in it in any way other than by seconds that can’t be stopped (but see time and speed in part 1).

Einstein though, developed an entirely new concept – Space-Time, where instead of our 3 dimensional space universe the Universe is actually a four dimensional structure (here is where most minds start to really ‘boggle’ – we know we can simulate a 3d image on a 2d screen, that’s how old televisions and pictures work. These days the effect is improved with the use of glasses or special screens on our TV or cinemas. To simulate a 4d ‘image’ though would need a minimum of three dimensions and some pretty fancy special effects. You can’t do it any justice with a 2d picture – so i won’t even try.

What is important about it though is this… it treats time just like any of the other dimensions. it has a forwards/backwards, up/down thing going on with Time. In space-time every point in time AND space can be uniquely defined, anything in the ‘now’ our past, or our future EXISTS as a possible ‘point’ in space time.

As for the ‘backwards’ part in Time Travel? Physics proposes that things called ‘wormholes’ are possible in space-time, things similar to the ‘bubbles’ in a block of Swiss cheese. If we could enter one of these and live they could (emphasis on  the 2nd ‘could’) be a ‘shortcut’ through space-time to another point. They could connect two points massively far apart in space- or in time, or both!

Travelling through the wormhole would take far less time to travel between those points than it would if we used conventional methods – like walking or ‘fast’ spaceships. (Note: walking is NOT recommended for travel in actual space). Theoretically we could go ‘back’ in time. ONE of the main difficulties though would be the ability to determine where the wormhole ‘came out’.

Our conscious perspective of time is that the time dimension just ‘goes’ one way, one speed… but that is JUST our perspective. Different ‘observers’ in different places and possibly moving at different speeds to us will have different perspectives of our ‘reality’.

This means that different people see the same things happening at different times and in different places.

Weirdly, something that we see as happening in the ‘past’ someone else might see as happening in our ‘now’.

Even weirder, something we think of as ‘will happen’ in our future ( say a solar eclipse) someone else could see as happening in our ‘now’. Their perspective has the exact equal validity as does ours.

This means that the past, future and present may all exist simultaneously, for all of us! Altering our ability to perceive a thing may mean we can see the future, or see the past as though it is happening ‘now’ and what we perceive of as a one way stream of time is just an illusion created by our consciousness and our speed as we travel through space-time. (Remember time effectively slows down to zero, there IS NO ‘time’ at light speed, relative to a stationary observer).

But i digress… the post is supposed to be why Time Travel is (probably) impossible…

I’ll show you, in part 3! 😉

A First!

As per my first post here at the ‘box and as per my (amended) About page this blog is not just for my warped rantings alone…

Others whose writings i find to be of value will be invited to share their wisdom/work/weirdness here also

IT is not without a certain degree of pride that i present the First Work , and from a fellow Aussie no less!

As a ( portion of) her fine work it speaks for itself – it certainly spoke volumes to me and i hope you will agree.. this lady can really write!

So…. drum roll…….drum-roll-please

here is:

Nothing – Lewis Watson

by breakmelikeapromise

I think there’s something really beautiful in the tone of sad words. I’m not sure if I can really say that I don’t like feeling sad. There’s just something about the way that you can feel so overcome with emotion, so impassioned by your own thoughts and worries and questions, that adds another element to your writing. ‘Sad writing’, as I like to call it, is something that I think everyone can relate to. But where does that leave me? If I enjoy writing about sadness, am I really ever sad at all? How is it possible to find such pleasure in an emotion that is almost always considered negative? But I suppose we could say the exact same thing about love.

An excerpt from something I wrote a little while ago:

‘Come here’, he smiled, opening his arms out in invitation. She moved towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He pulled her in, protectively draping his own arms around her shoulders. Leaning her head against his chest, they just were; there was no other word to describe it. In the middle of the street, their bodies only shadows illuminated by the dim street lamps, they held each other for what seemed like an eternity. She eventually unwrapped herself from around his torso and placed both hands upon his chest. She looked up at him, his face only inches away from hers. She wanted to kiss him so badly, but chastised herself for even considering it. ‘You wouldn’t kiss me’, he dared.
‘You’ll just be an idiot and pull away’, she retorted, ‘Don’t think I haven’t forgotten about the last time we were out here’.
‘No, I won’t’, he whispered.
And with that, she leaned up on her tip toes, and hovered dangerously close to his lips. She continued to lean in, but slowly and cautiously, fully aware that he could easily break the promise he had made just moments earlier. But in that instant, all of her doubts faded as she pressed her lips against his, colliding over and over again. He kissed her slowly and tenderly, as though she were as fragile as a china doll. Sometimes he would stop and look at her, and in those moments her heart threatened to burst free from her chest. She thought for sure that he would be able to hear her heartbeat as it increased to an abnormally fast rate. But his mood shifted and he began kissing her with a savage ferocity, pulling her close against his own body. He was pushing against her, hands holding her at the small of her back and bending her backwards. His mouth worked in short, sharp bursts and he teasingly bit her lower lip. This was the real reason he had come, waited outside her house at four in the morning. Perhaps, on some level, this was the reason she had agreed to meet him. As much as she would hate herself for it later and as much as she would blame him for using her, she knew that deep down, she both wanted and needed this just as much as he did. And that was the worst part; he had pulled down her walls again.

Now That’s the kind of writing makes me want to read more!

This post was rated: A for…