Desire: to wish or long for. “When you wish upon a star”. De-sire comes from the latin de+side (star) – desiderate.

A couple of blogs i have read lately have got me thinking on the subject of Desire.

Our desire(s) could be said to be at the very heart of our being. We can do something to ‘Our Heart’s desire’, our heart aches with desire. Many of the verses in Proverbs and Psalms speak of the vital connection between the heart and our desire as a link to God. “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4; “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Prov 13:12

Throughout the ages philosphers from Plato to Immanuel Kant have considered desire as an important motivating force in human life. Even Buddhism which considers it necessary to eliminate sensual desire  (that causes all suffering)  in order to find Nirvana concedes that a novice is to work on motivational forces through skilful application of desire.

Our greatest desire determines our main priority in life; our priorities strongly determine our choices; our choices lead to the actions we take and our actions we take determine the kind of life we live. How we behave and who we become.


So what is your greatest single desire?

Is it a desire of self ( one that gives you personally the greatest degree of personal or sensual pleasure) – or a desire to follow the Will of God or of something greater than (external to) just yourself? ( Humanity?, Ecology? Nationality?)

If your greatest desire is to something other than self (but including, as a small part, the self) do you only act in harmony with that desire? Or do you sometimes slip into ‘selfish’ mode and consider your needs over those of others and the greater good?

Could this be behind the ‘conscience’ that sometimes causes us to have a niggling feeling of guilt when we do a thing, or not do a thing?

Maybe in order to reduce the instances of that ‘niggle’ we might consider the idea more carefully?

Any thoughts?

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  1. Blessings,
    When we come to the realization that there is something greater than self, we begin to look at that deeper greater desire, when we hear the word we are given something to think about. For we are curious beings, and faith come by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Therefore, one man can speak one word and touch the heart of one at the perfect time and witness a miracle by the power of the Holy Spirit. Because God gave it to us instinctively, His desires become our very own desires for He is the “Potter, and we are the “Clay.” Well said brother, thanks for sharing. Many blessings to you and yours.

  2. Ps. 37:4 a Hebrew/Greek scholar once told me that scripture actually means that as we delight in the Lord he causes our desires to become like His. Meaning we will begin to desire what God desires and our worldly desires will fade. Just a tid bit, not sure of total meaning as this info was passed along over 20 years ago.

    • That would match perfectly with my thoughts here – thanks again Kevin. Please add more bits as you see them! He is to be our delight and the more we delight in Him the more we want to become as Him – as much as is permitted us. So long as our spiritual desires take precedence over worldly desires and of the self then we will do as He Wills and al will be well and as it should be.


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