Just Who is in Charge Here?

It is my strong personal belief that all evil we see as such in our lives is the creation of the ‘I’ (upper-case) – the voice inside me (and you) that measures and compares everything to itself, that sees itself as the highest Authority in my life – the thing that drives some insane or splits the mind into schizophrenic personalities because it cannot ‘cope’ when life does what it does and we cannot control it as we (I) thinks we (it) should.

My ‘solution’ is to give that Authority over our life back to the One who created us/I/i.

To learn how to surrender our own will over to someone we can Trust/Have Perfect, Infallible, Unfailing Faith in that they will do for us what is BEST for us, not what the I thinks is best for it.

As the Christians (Hebrews?) say: Thy Will not my will be done.

It’s not the same things as ‘giving up’ or not caring about the (true) self – it is recognising a True hierarchy in all life, not just mine, or human, but all life, and giving supreme command over to that which is Perfect and Complete while we take on the role of a faithful second-in-command over our own lives. (as we send the ‘I’ back wherever the heck he came from!)

In sailing terms: we are the engine/er that moves our ship through the calm or stormy waters of life; adds speed or stops when we need to come to a rest, all the time looking to God as captain/helmsman of the ship, deciding our course and navigating the way so as to get us to the right destination with regard to unseen dangers that might lie ahead of us, while we choose to look to Him for guidance to keep us on the right path to our journey’s end on this planet, trusting in His superior experience of life’s currents and submerged rocks that wait to sink us and cause us to flounder.

In this way we learn to live in harmony with the Main Plan and our life will conform to ‘The Flow’ and not be constantly struggling against it. where sometimes we get small personal victories and sometimes we get disasters.

His Plan may not always seem to be ‘fair’ or make sense, but when has life ever done that? for you? – or me – or anyone?

I believe by having faith and seeking Him and following His way over our own choices He will provide a full and satisfying life for His Creations that He did not design to be sad, unworthy or imperfect.

It is the I that mostly causes those things in us and our pride that prevents us from ever seeing it that way. That is why we are required to learn Humility and to serve Him to His Greater Glory.

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  1. Sad you stopped talking to your fans 😛

    • But i ALWAYS respond to comments left here! – and to my fans whenever i can.

      I also have not missed a single post of yours! My comments used to be made when i saw something in your work that ‘challenged’ me ( i love a challenge!) 🙂 but lately i just admire, from afar, having little of value to add or questions to ask… except one.. was it just me, or have i seen that last post before? It sounded very familiar?

      Don’t be a stranger now 🙂

  2. Blessings brother from afar,
    Wow! That is truly inspiring, yet I am seeing a seed of faith blossom with great fruit. What you say about I, God being the great I am and we being created in His image is confirmation that the I can dwell in us as well giving us every opportunity to strive for greatness everyday. Of course, we will never accomplish perfection until that day.

    And what you said about control, If you look at Galatians 5:22, it says; But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

    So if you count them, you will see that there is nine of them. That’s no coincidence, that’s God. If you look in Matthew, Sermon on The Mount which Jesus is speaking of the beattitudes which is nine as well. The number 9 is symbolic, and of the Bible.

    Many blessings to you and yours,

  3. Bless you Brother, your kindness reminds me constantly of God’s Joy and uplifts my spirits and thoughts that i may move ever closer to Him wherein all our Joy resides.

    in my early life i had always enjoyed working (playing really) with numbers and with words and the Bible is a wonderful source of numeric wisdom – it truly is amazing how His Spirit works and moves within us as well as the Universe.

    It is interesting to me your reference to Galatians 5:22 along with the Great I AM ( which i believe our human flesh seeks to replace with it’s own corrupted version as i warned of in the post).

    I believe His wisdom was given for a very short time to me allowing me to see the connection between I AM and the first 3 of the 9 fruits, Love, Joy and Peace. and then a few more added to those …

    I AM Joy, Love, Peace, Wisdom, Perfect, Entirely PERFECTED

    One letter word – two letter word, three letter word,….., nine letter word.

    9 to me is symbolic of God – PERFECTED
    I AM (1,2 or 12 = God also)
    7 ( as given great value in Revelation, particularly referring to Christ) – Perfect, a ‘perfect’ number.

    I am not so inclined as to use these as any form of divination or to give them any supernatural power as they are from my imagination, but i do count them as ‘evidence’ of how beautifully God works within us in all things, numbers, words, relationships between things that at first do not seem to be related. They give me greater certainty that our world and life is not just chance and accidental, but ‘designed’. There is an underlying foundation beyond which most mortals can see.

    I had not previously seen the connection between the Beatitudes from the Mount and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

    Many Thanks Brother for helping me walk in the spirit. 🙂

  4. I thought this was you…

    And after that comment, there is no doubt!



    • Hey Sis! 😀

      no doubt indeed! ’tis i – although older and dare i say ‘wiser’??

      i have thought about seeing if you were still in ‘blogland’ and saying Hi, but to my shame have not done so before now.

      So how are things with you these days?

      • Things are different, but good. I’ve been through the sifter (Satan has demanded to sift you as wheat, but I have prayed for you. When you return, teach the brethren…words said to Peter before his denial). Hopefully, rocks and foreign objects have been removed (not all, I’m still living on this earth…sigh) and I’m better able to see Truth. His unconditional love is AMAZING!

        I read about your health issues, honestly, I was afraid you had passed. SOOOOO glad to know you’re still kicking and stirring up interesting conversations. We are who we are, huh?

        Well, hopefully, we’ll not lose touch again.
        I have missed you, Brother!
        ❤ ❤ ❤

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