Where’s Your Fault Focus?

Came across a little gem in a post i follow today…

It’s easier to focus on the faults of another than to look inside self.

S.P.I.R.I.T. Ministries.


All too often we do the easy thing when we know we should do the harder thing.

Many Thanks, Michael.

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  1. Blessings brother,
    I thank God for you, and I thank you Brother! I give God all glory:D

  2. and so you have given in, you believe. you believe i (lower case) am dangerous. i am bad, i am infectious. i need to be quarantined. i have lost the right to express myself, confined to the box of your approval. i am no longer permitted the generosity of your opinions, your ideas, your eye opening observations.

    i understand. i do not like it. i feel hurt. i will get over it. i understand

    • Wait! Whoa! Back up there missy.

      You DO know this was not directed AT you – don’t you?

      Confined to the box of your approval???? where do you GET this stuff from? – man you weird me out with some of the stuff you spout out!

      But if you can’t see the truth (for us all) in that post you have a real problem. (imho of course!)

  3. Apologies also. (for jumping to a conclusion and not having Faith)

    And to the best of my recollection that is the first time i’ve heard you say ‘sorry’ to me.

    it felt good πŸ™‚

    • : )

      Is it? I guess it cannot be kept hidden long how hard it is for me to admit fault; or (as I rationalize) accept that I was wrong. I am sorry, I was wrong. Thank you for accepting my apology and for reciprocating.

      It feels nice to… know I made you feel good πŸ™‚

      (I’m like super-duper sensitive right now. Emotionally, physically, spiritually; like your furry little nose, your whiskers, ticked my heart, when you said “it felt good” …..sooo hard for me not to take to this to an audacious … place….holding back. For the sake if “i”)


  4. I can appreciate how it feels when your sensitivity is heightened. All to often i found it to be at times when i was also greatly vulnerable, possibly feeling hurt and/or confused and looking to find any way out from the ‘turmoil’ in my head or heart. I never found a way out that lasted, although many times i believed i had, my mistake i believe was trusting in a human ‘saviour’ – no human can ever save us, help us find a temporary shelter perhaps?

    My continued failure eventually led me to the conclusion i needed to find something better – within myself – before i could ever be able to share any meaningful commitment to another in this short life.

    So i am learning to build up my relationship between God and myself, before i distract myself by looking for something permanent out in a temporary world.

    For the sake of the i, i would recommend we all do the same. It can be a challenging path – but i feel the rewards are worth the great effort it takes.

    You are quite right – pleasing others truly does make us feel good. The tricky part is in learning what pleases someone that is to the mutual benefit of the spirit and not merely the base need of the ‘I’.

    • “i” doubt that “We” will find spiritual enlIghtenment in the same place.

      I believe I will and have at least subconsciously look toward nature and beauty, even beauty created by man who in essence (if we are taking the God created… Approach here) was created by God too!

      So, things like the mountains, the waters, a beautiful piece of art, a brilliant piece of music or writing. I find spirituality in these things. They make me cry with their … Intensity, and it is through that I feel energetically tied with the rest of the world.

      I almost wish I could or was one of those people who relied on “others”, other mortals, for “salvation”. It looks so easy. They look so happy. They are aren’t they? They don’t just look like it.

      I also don’t believe that we cannot be saved by a “person”. Ive had mentors and teachers and random “strollers” in my life who have served as angela; guiding me towards the brightness.

      Many friends I have I consider angels. My friends have lovers they consider saviors. It is not wrong for love to be an angel. I think it is wrong to rely on anything, at all to save you.

      You don’t know what shape salvation will come in. To me it seems weird to discard anything. Person, place, event, thing… I can be way off here.

      I just… Have felt so strongly from things that I never would have guessed and nothing from things I’d had “faith” in.

      Correct me where my thinking is off. It’s early (ish)for me, havent had coffee and I’ve been so enotiomal lately if I haven’t been “chaste” for 8 mos I’d be concerned I was pregnant!

      (I’m nearly a XXX girl. No sex, no drugs, couldn’t even finish a glass of wine yesterday… I need … More X’s!)

      • I can at once both agree and disagree with you ( life does get kinda complex huh?) πŸ™‚
        We may not find ‘spirituality’ in the same places although all those you mentioned have been included in my ‘sources’ and are on my own spiritual pathway also.

        I believe however that as you also said, the origin of that spirit in nature and in all things is the One God (whatever your own name for Him(Her) is) It all ends up back in Him but shows up through things, places, people.

        Likewise , Salvation has but one source, even though some of us ‘see’ it in people or things. God does not always ( rarely it seems to me) work directly with us One to one, but through a medium we may better be able to ‘relate’ with – it’s all in the relationship for us humans.

        It’s like the old joke… Man shipwrecked on a desert island is there for years. Prays every day to God to save him – nothing. One day a ship sails close and he manages to attract it’s attention -salvation at last! He is Saved. Thanks to men in a boat, not God.

        Judgement Day arrives and the man gets to see St Michael at the Pearly gates. The man is confused:
        ” But i thought there was no heaven, No God. When i prayed for help He never came, never saved me – men did!”

        St Michael answered:
        “Who do you think sent the boat?

        If we extend our perspective we may see things we missed with a narrower vision!

        Love is the most powerful force in the Universe – it only does Good. But that is the Unconditional Kind and we humans all too often place conditions on our loves/lovers/love, thus corrupting it.

        Of course you can find a way to salvation via things in the world, just recognise that they are not the Source.. the source is within You (and is NOT the ‘I’).

        Others may reflect it at you, so you see it where you could not see it ‘on your own’, but God is the only true Salvation for us and He is in us, we just need to break our mental ‘block’ and accept Him within and BE with Him always. It is to Him, and from Him, we have unconditional Love. First above ALL else.

        But as i said, we may ‘see’ it first’ in something ‘other’ than us – that is the illusion/deception.

        It is this that those who don’t believe see as ‘real’ and fool themselves into believing they could not have the love/peace/salvation they think they have without the ‘other’.

        Does that make sense? Questions?

        OH – i seem to recall that there was a previous occasion when some female was Chaste for 8 months and was definitely pregnant! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚ – just a thought.

        Finally – you said it perfectly in your last sentence…
        “…(the) I need… more X’s!”

        think about what the ‘i’ needs most – the things God can give you in abundance.

        The ‘I’ is temporary, the ‘i’ permanent. “I’ is of the carnal; ‘i’ is of the spirit. The spirit and the flesh are at war with one another – this should not be so, but always will be while the ‘I’ is in charge of your thought.

      • I know “god” sends “them”, that’s why I call them Angels πŸ™‚ god sends us his angels. In the form of ships, people, weather etc.

        :(). I don’t have to be right. I just wanted to point that out.

        I have my “valintines day angel post”

        I always (for whatever reason, it just … Seemed natural) that people can be angels even as humans, bc they are sent from god for a purpose and maybe “they” (lower case t) are not angelic themselves but their purpose is, and they did. Not enter our lives by accident.

        Maybe we understand each other better than we think. Communication is a …

        Not pregnant. I think I was built for sin πŸ˜‰

  5. Not sure just how much of the other we understand, but i am happy to concede that there are some things we all agree on at some basic level, it is just all too common for us not to be able to see that all that clearly, which explains why it can seem that so few ever understand us.

    We were all built out of ( for) sin on this earth. πŸ™‚
    i believe it is our destiny to learn how to rise above that and build a body for our eternal joy and reward, via our spirits. The flesh is permanently at war with the spirit, one not understanding the other and one resentful of the power of the other over us.

    It’s not a particularly popular philosphy, i’ve found… sighhhh

    • Ah how very catholic of you. To believe we are born in “sin” and spend our lives repenting for what we have not yet done.

      The word sin I not really, as it is for you, in my vernacular.

      It was not used once in my home (I confirmed this with my mother), or by my teachers, elders and it does not exist in the Jewish religion in a way that resembles the christian use of the term

      So I have trouble understanding when people use that word.

      Jewish mysticism (Kaballah) recognizes or believes people are born with “baggage” or not.

      Regardless we all have a “purpose”.
      There are a few scenarios of how a person enters the world.

      One it is not a person per se but a soul and it is passed on. You can be born pure – the FIRST ro carry this soul. There are rules, the 613, the way that person lives their life determines the fate of that soul.

      If it fulfills it’s “purpose”, lives a pious life in the eyes of the Jewish faith then that is it. It’s Job is complete and it goes up to God and watches the world from above until the return of the messiah (we do not believe ours has come) and then is resurrected with all the other souls that have done their duty.

      This resurrection is not like heaven as in the Christian sense but more like a return to Eden (see how it all comes full circle, pure souls returning to the place of original sin. Beautiful no?)

      Then there are other…scenarios.

      We might be an “old soul” (or a kinda new one). Those people spend their lives having to both act in ways that “complete” the purpose of the original soul. It must “make up” or in some way (btw we have no idea what this “purpose” or past misdeed is) – ex. If your soul in a past life stole from another, you would somehow in some form “repay” that breaking of the commandment. This iis done and we may not even realize.

      You may give a homeless man a dollar and in past lives had stolen a dollar from his anscsstos. You may pick a stranded stranger up and lead him to safety if you had in a past life stranded someone in their time of need.

      Often, in most cases it takes millenia for the purpose to be fulfilled bc we as humans tend to.. Rack up more crap. We disobey god and these mal deeds are past to the next soul.

      Yes, mitzvah do score you points and can “cancel out” breaking a commandment. This all way more complex than I’m explaining now (hmmm pwrshaps a new post idea!)

      When we reach our purpose we die and join our breathern in heaven

      Souls left w incomplete mission when the messiah arrives are not allowed to return they are left up above for eternity to watch the rest in Eden.

      So, yea that’s (not necessarily by belief – though not sayin it isn’t πŸ™‚ ) the way I was raised.

      It addresses many of the same things you mention, making up for misdeeds etc just takes it one step further, “forces” you to not just be a good person for you but your soul.

      Make sense??

    • Oh and I think it goes wo saying (though here I am sayin it) all this requires… Faith.

      • All of what you said ( minus spelling errors πŸ˜‰ ) made quite good sense and is definitely a matter of Faith – and it was said in a respectful manner without ‘forcing or accusing’ anyone of anything in any way i could detect. Nice Job.

        I’m not going to go so far as to say i’m converting (although i have to point out i would not be converting from a Catholic Based Faith – i have great reservations about that particular schism of Christianity.) to holding the same view, but i may not be a million miles from believing it also.

        Am not sure of the Jewish definition of Sin, but when i said (as you did) we are built for it i meant sin in the sense of ‘that which is not as God’. To ‘do/commit a’ sin is to do that which opposes the will of God. To be born into, built for sin, means that we are born in the flesh that knows not the Will of God and grow up and learn most of what ‘we’ become from the material/non-spiritual world that our human senses experience and give little to no heed of our spiritual connection to God so that we do only His Will.

        That was the meaning of sin i had in mind. Sins are a matter of the material and specifically, giving our soul, body and mind over to material ( sensory) things, while rejecting or ignoring or placing as a lower importance, our spiritual body, mind and our soul.

        I choose now to ‘sin no more’ – or at least to catch myself when i do so sin and then choose to grant my spirit and His Will to take ‘charge’ of my thoughts and deeds or actions.

        It is something i believe all of us would benefit from doing the same. – But it must be our own free will choice for the individual – and not done to please someone else or because they ‘have’ to.

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