Like’s are nice, but…

Most wordpress bloggers and facebook users know what a ‘like’ is, Right?

We click on the little icon that says ‘LIKE’ if we want the author/owner of the wall or whatever to know we came and enjoyed what we saw, one little mouseclick says so much – and takes so little effort on our parts. It’s unambiguous, both parties the sender and the sendee understand what is meant and everyone’s happy. Job Done! off to the next page. Don’t really need to write a comment that probably won’t really say what i mean to say anyway, and besides who has the time to write today?


Like’s are nice, but, if you really mean something about what you saw here gave you something worth while and you ‘like’d’ it, you could show me your intention much better by clicking the link over there:


and spend a couple of minutes helping feed someone who needs a few grains of rice to live till tomorrow.

If you REALLY like’d it you could put your own link on your own site – ask if you need the instructions, always glad to help out.

The starving, Bob and God thank you.


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  1. Great post Bob
    I really love what your doing here.

  2. Welcome Owl 🙂

    Your support IS appreciated. But personally, all i’m doing is what Jesus has instructed – all credit belongs to God who ( i have faith) works through this ’empty’ vessel. 🙂

  3. Likes are nice. You know what is terribly not nnice. I am being harassed. Stalked. Tormented.

    Today for the first time in… quite a while I got that “I don’t want to live feeling”. This is not to be confused with “I want to die” . I DO NOT WANT TO DIE. heck no. but what i am living IN -> that I do not want.

    You are a man of God and Science (and apparently irrigation?) which is a rarity. So, as a man of God what would think about someone who said these things to you via anonymous comments on your blog:

    “this story made me vomit. How will you ever be a mother if youre a slut? I will pray for you.
    ~ Fargo Mike”

    “To the people who used my error to put me down, for poking fun, for being a bully; I feel sorry for you HAHAHA BEZZER GOT THE WRONG ANSWER HAHAHAHA!!”

    “You are an idiot or just stupid liar if you think just because you can find a photo, like the attractive read headed thin woman with drink in hand you use in your header to lure men to this blog, from google images that you are free to use it.”

    “You talk and justify every single inconsiderate thing you say and do in this blog, so much BS”

    “are you really people centric? or are you just a self centric attention seeker who comes…. on the internet to get validation from us? Thats some shallow insecure shit there. Why else would you post about how righteous you are and how many good deeds you have done, helping the sick, the community and even raising money for crohns disease. What a great saint you are! Let’s all donate a few dollars to the poor beggar.”

    So – you have a link to a page that collects money for charity, you are intellectual, from our discussions have you gotten the impression i am what this person says i am. As a man of God do you believe he should apologize. Sincerely, through actions, not words?

    • You have asked the question so i will answer as truthfully as i may.

      If i had received anonymous comments like that i would naturally feel somewhat hurt.
      I would also assume that i had done something to REALLY piss someone off bad.

      I would probably make an assumption who i had done that to and look at myself introspectively to try to see if i had intentionally given them cause to feel that way.

      If i knew i had and i felt badly about it i would do what i could to either make it better with them or make it better for myself if they were in no mood to be reconciled.

      If i knew i had not i would know that the problem is with the other person and is for them to work out for themselves. In my past i may have tried to explain this to them but experience tells me most such people don’t care and haven’t got the ability to see their mistake and trying to show it to them just gets them angrier and makes thing worse.

      As for my ‘impressions’ of you (and you have to bear in mind that: a) we have NEVER met.; and
      b) it is very easy to misread ‘someone’ from the little they write about themselves as their writing is usually quite biased towards showing them in a single particular light and we cannot get the usual non-verbal cues that are vital to good communication between individuals.)

      A quick read of your blog told me you were of above-average intelligence and had a tendency to be a little ‘quirky’ (quirky can be good… or not so good!) so i tried a brief comment by way of saying ‘Hi’.

      Most subsequent comments from you have generally sounded quite … well angry, quick to see offence where it is not intended and to be perfectly truthful a little self-centred/holier than thou. To me you sound ‘hurt’ (and i am NOT referring specifically to me or my comments but ‘in general’) and seem to either intentionally or unintentionally want to return that away from yourself and it then goes towards someone else.

      And before you can say it – although i can guess you might be thinking it… i know these things well because i have been there myself for many years and am only just figuring out how to alter myself in that regard (sometimes i’m better at it than at other times.)

      I may not ‘know’ you – but i can see those things quite well and from a great distance from my own experiences.

      As for what i believe ‘he’ should do re: apologising to you… it matters not a whit what i think. If i did think so, what difference would/could it make? Don’t expect validation from me concerning someone i know hardly at all and the other i know even less.

      I’ve made my public apology to all i may have harmed – how about you?

      And as to actions not words… words have power. I take action when i write and post my words.

      • Wow, thank you for that really… Powerful, personal and in depth response.

        You are astute and recognizing emotion through writing particularlarly when we are NOT writing about emotions.

        I was to ask you about this, bc, it’s something I have been thinking about, dealing with for a while (my mother especially, she is very sensitive especially when it comes to her children – naturally, even if we are both well into adulthood)

        “To me you sound ‘hurt’ (and i am NOT referring specifically to me or my comments but ‘in general’) and seem to either intentionally or unintentionally want to return that away from yourself and it then goes towards someone else.

        My mother always absorbs my pain. This I guess is as I said natural for a parent, to feel the pain of their children, for anyone to feel the pain or hurt of someone they love.

        Why does hurt have to “go” anywhere? Except away? Can’t the hurt I feel simply quell and rinse away like the soapy suds after a warm cleansing shower?

        I have recently realized, or maybe this is a recent change in how I experience “hurt” (though I suspect it has always been inside of me); it manifests, eventually, into anger. Anger often not even directed at anyone in particular (which may be why I end up with being on the offensive, write combatative comments, or just sound angry in general with anyone I encounter). It happens when the source of what made me hurt is not healed. Like a would that hasn’t healed and has now become infected and is infecting others as well.

        Can one heal without intervention? Without a cast to splint a broken heart, gauze to absorb and stop the bleeding, without stitches to close the crevesse of flesh left open after the stabbing?

        Some wounds do heal on their own. Some take more.

        Have I made a generalized public apology? Not sure. I definitely have made public apologies on my blog to generalized groups of people ( friends, family, colleagues, ex’s) as well as specific people. But a general apology to the unknown that may have fallen victim? I don’t know. Thinking about it, I don’t know what value it would have.

        To apologize to people I never knew I caused pain to, to an audience that isn’t of my peers, are not kin, who I don’t know are able or worthy (bad word, I can’t think of what I am really feeling but I’ll place hold w that for now).

        Did it help for you?

        Lastly: “And as to actions not words… words have power. I take action when i write and post my words.”

        Facinating! Are you a lawyer per chance? That was one of the most, what I call “loop around” sentences or phrase I’ve ever heard. It totally takes any of your own responsibity by putting it on others, your readers.

        By writing you assume people read (do words have power if
        They are not read? Is this a one or two part action? Writing then having those words read?) by them reding you are absolved. Even if the actual people who you are apologizing to don’t read.

        That is incredible, it is a great way to forgive yourself, which btw, is no small thing. It is huge, but it is not the same as showing apology. It precludes it. If you forgive yourself, then you can be content in asking the forgiveness of others and be able to walk away and accept it even if they don’t.

        I think…?? All of this is very ethereal and fairly subjective. It has made me look at things from a different angle (how friggin awesome is that?? it feels good right? I hope so, to know you helped someone open their eyes to a new idea, new way of seeing the world). Thank you for that.


  4. “If i can help somebody along their way then my living has not been in vain!” 🙂

    seems we are having some kind of ‘coming together’ in some respects, which to me is only a good thing ( removal of misconception)

    There is just one thing though where we seem to be coming from widely differing perspective:
    ” Facinating! Are you a lawyer per chance? That was one of the most, what I call “loop around” sentences or phrase I’ve ever heard. It totally takes any of your own responsibity by putting it on others, your readers”.

    I am not a lawyer, though in a previous job i had to deal with them and some things might have ‘rubbed off’. My job also made me learn how to carefully read complex regulations and guidelines and make sure i applied them as they were stated, rather than as i might have interpreted them. ( interpretation meaning there could be room for me to insert biases of my own that were not in the original intent – this could result in incorrect decisions which could be challenged and where i had interpretted wrongly i would then have to vary my decision).

    The ‘loop around’ you detect is of your interpretation – i do not take my responsibility and put it on to others. I accept that i am responsible for my actions – i do not accept that i am responsible for how other people FEEL as a result of my actions as that is something i cannot ever know or anticipate with perfect foreknowledge, whereas i can reasonably expect to know my own acts and intents.

    Words have power is a statement of fact, known to many philosophies, if not all of them. They have power to both the reader and the writer (who is or should be also the Prime Reader). What i write is not just to ‘those’ out there, but to me ‘in here’ – it is a physical manifestation of, and to reinforce, thought. Sometimes people talk (and write) without thinking very carefully – i find that by writing and reading it as i do (hopefully from more than just my ‘personal’ viewpoint) i can see where i may make ‘mistakes’ and hopefully correct them (some errors do slip through – i am after all human) To ERR is Human, to Forgive, Divine.

    If i can forgive myself then i may have some chance of forgiving others.

    To love others as you love yourself (part of the One Great Commandment) requires you to first love yourself – you cannot truly do that if you cannot forgive yourself.

    Your comments keep on seeming to imply you think that somehow i can make someone else accept my apologies or do ‘something more’ than i do.

    I don’t believe i have the ‘right’ to make anyone do anything i think is ‘right’ that they do not wish to do. I do what i think is the right thing to do and am seeking to live as i believe God is telling me to do. ( from the written word and living word and how my actions ‘feel’ in my heart and soul.)

    I only have the right to alter my own life, but i have a responsibility to let others see the ‘light’ i have seen and that is the reason for what i write.

    You have the right to do the same and to see if my light shows you something your light could not.

    If we all had the ability to see everything from everyone’s own perspective i don’t believe there would be any more reason for war, anger, hatred, despair, etc etc.

    • I will not argue (those I guess by stating this I am technically arguing, right?) that I misconceived you. This is were i think things go wrong for me. I challenge I belief and people take it as, I don’t agree. Often I WANT to agree, but I do not understand (as in the confirmation bias concept, for whatever reason I could not wrap my head around it as I suspect you had intended), sometimes I do have stead fast opinions that are hard to break but can be 100% if a good and valid argument is made.

      In reality I do not have many of those simply bc I think there is so MUCH unknown in this world tying ourself to one single idea or belief closes us off from expanding our minds, becoming fuller, richer people.

      I think here, with this apology issue is, well maybe a few things. I am a chronic apologizer. It almost is a habit I don’t even realize I am doing half the time. I apologize for… forgetting to bring sugar if I get someone coffee, stupid shit like that, so I guess for me, while everytime I say it I sincerely mean it, the words have lost their strenth of meaning.

      To truly be sorry, to truly apologize to someone besides yourself (and if this is not your intention or your perogative that is fine too) it needs to be more than words, you need to express it in action.

      It true you cannot guess how someone will react.

      For the most part, I mean, I am fairly aware of how my mother, a friend, someone I have known and spent signficant time with would react at least somewhat to something I did and I admit sometimes I did them anyway even though I knew it would hurt them, in these situations I needed to show them, in a meaningful way that I was sorry and I did not want to hurt them but I had to take care of myself, as you say, love myself first. there are situations though where the person was important to me, I cared that I had hurt them, I knew it bc either I knew “them” or they expressed it to me plainly and authentically. i cared they were hurt but the action was most likely motivated bc i wanted them in my life – though this is not always the case. there are people I have taken action for that i knew would and could not be a part of my life, at least actively. i hate hving ememies, loose ends, i find it to be extra energy to have this cloud hanging over yuor head and you are actively feeling an emotion that you dont have to, actively taking action opposite to apology, but that display you are not sorry, like ignoring someone or avoiding them if you run into them somewhre. This happened to me. I had a roommate who.. like myself was a bit on the less sane side. We had a fight, actually i didnt know we had but we separated, she took “a side”.

      So, there were instances we were in the same elevator and did not speak a word to one another. THis is a person who i lived with, shared isecurities with, etc.

      I did not see her for 8 years. The anger and residual hate, know thre was someone out there that went out their way to deny my presence was ever a part of their lives, it bothered me.

      We saw each other a t a mutual friends wedding (the friend she “took sidse with). During the ceremony and the cocktail hour I was … stressed. Oh I shes is at the meat station, i guess no prime for me bc its awkward to be standing next to her etc.

      During the party i reached my peak. heck no if avoiding her on the not so large dancefloor was gunna stop me from rockin out. So, when I saw she was sitting alone I pulled up a seat next to her (this is an action btw) and I said hi. Her reaction was almost immediate. She told me she was so glad I had come up to her bc she too hated the “cloud” that this whole years long debacle was …. retarded. we cared about each other once and… anyway she had been to shy or too insecure or she didnt recognize me she claims (i did change my appearance kind of drastically, not by surgery or anything, just went from long curly hair to short and straight, lost like 7 lbs… etc).

      Anyhow, we ended up dancing together, chatting, BEING FRIENDS. The shit, the nastiness, the ignoring, it didnt matter and it was bc I DID something. we cuold have gone that whole night avoiding each other, we could ahve gone our whole lives, and miss out on something great. We are not best friends. we havnet spoken since, but it is a great feeling to know there is a little less hate in the world.

      Maybe, i could do this bc i loved myself more now then i did in college whre i did not have the balls to confront her. Maybe i was just tired of the BS. I don;t know. I just know how thankful she was. And that meant so much to me. It also meant a lot to me that I had the courage and strength to truly forgive her for putting up that wall, and myself for holding that anger for her in, forgive both of us so that i could take action.

      So, that is where you lose me. THat is where I think you are only apologizing to unburden yourself, and are telling yourself this is enough. No, you not know how people will react, but often they tell you in plain simple words both how they are hurt and how you can do something to take taht pain away. Maybe their request is insane like, dump someone or stop speaking to someone or ridulous like that. Sometimes it is as simple and pulling up a chair and saying hi.

      Has that happened to you? Have you hurt someone who told you in plain words that you had hurt them and the simple thing you cuold do to take their pain away or at least ameliorate it by alleaving them of the “cloud”?

      If so, was it enough that you had forgiven yourself, that you had come to terms with your actions and that you did not hold yourself responsible for taking that persons feelings into consideration

      (all that said i am realizing my apology to kat was selfish, i didnt want to feel uncomfortable, thats why i went up to her, it wasnt her feelings that initiated this action – mind fuck alert!)

  5. I could not help but giggle at the last comment. 🙂 It’s a real shit when you find a truth about yourself you didn’t see coming huh?

    “THat is where I think you are only apologizing to unburden yourself, and are telling yourself this is enough…”

    i feel you might be still misunderstanding my intent here just a little, so in the hope of removing a little more of ‘the cloud’ to use your appropriate term…

    i am not saying words alone are ‘enough’ – like i did say: Actions speak louder than just words alone and i explained ONE action – the writing of words. i did not mean that was or should be the ONLY action. What i was trying to help you see was that hurt generally has two sides – the hurter and the hurtee. As a hurter i have far more control and can be far more effective in removing my part of the hurt… but the hurtee has to do their part in the area where they can do the best, be the most effective. It is not ‘right’ i try to do both parts or that the other person does – we each do what we can. i cannot change what another FEELS or take responsibility for what someone feels about something i say or do – that is entirely up to them as to how or why they choose to feel in a particular ( hurt, eg) way.

    Of course, i see how your ‘action’ helped the situation with your friend ( although it did not seem to renew the friendship – strange?) but it could not have happened had not your friend been largely of the same ‘mind’ and was willing to accept your apology and stop feeling hurt. it takes two – both doing what each one can to completely ‘absolve’ a wrong. There is the possibility that a simple ‘gesture’ such as the one you made can open up a new line of dialogue that allows for better mutual understanding and removes doubts or confusion – but either party can take that action. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions (and feelings/motivations/intentions), not those of each other.

    Finally if we do not change, if we feel remorse. only to go right on doing what we did before then we are not truly ‘sorry’ either.

  6. True true. Kat and I are not “actively friends” simply because… she live in upstate NY, I in California.. If I lived in NY I would likely see her at the friends who wedding we were at the time’s baby shower (she is 6 1/2 mos – the fetus in my photo roll is her at 12 weeks, the pic of the bride being kissed at sunset is her at hew New Years Eve wedding last New Years… what can change so fast! life moves twice as quickly each year we age. My grandmother told me this, after 22 every years is cut in half. wise old gal she was)

    I def agree that apologizing, even doing something that truly shows you are sorry (the girl from the wedding, scarlet, she was my closest friend in college freshman year, we were roommate and both from the city, we did everything together. We merged our groups of friends .. it was great. She and I both had HS friends in college, hers were mostly guys, one of whom lived in a house with like 8 other dudes. all Basket Ball players – my weakness… anyhow, it was in that house, through scarlets close friend from HS (he was a “male bridesmaid” lol that i first saw Alex, the first and only man i have loved. I saw him and instantly felt that “i know you from somewhere” thing. He was… geez, not my type, not scarletts type.. she was religous jewish, i had liked blonde and redheads, irish guys. He was dark, “ghetto” venezuelan, tall w a shaved head, obssessed with BBAlLL – he slept w it at night like a teddy bear. And jordans, That as his line when we first hooked up, “do you wanna see my shoe collection”.. ah the game of 19 year olds. lol.

    Anyhow, i like him i knew it. I also knew he liked scarlet. I could just tell. She was beautfil, modelled in summers, a math genius, soft spoken with feminie charm but wore sneakers and jeans and fitted tees. She is kind and giving and we both loved her. She had a BF, so he went after me and I was helpless to his charms. we didnt sleep together, he had just come out of a LTR, he did not want to be my BF (he later told me he couldnt, it would break any chance he had to get with scarlet if/when she was single again).

    Scarlet and I both spend our sext semesters abroad. We came back. Things were.. different. How? I didnt know for sure but things were off. She was dating Alex. She never told me. She lied, to my face. He lied to my face. All our friends lied to my face. Kat lied to my face (this was the basis of our fight).

    So, how did I end up STIIL friends with them? How is it that this weekend I chilled w the guy bridesmaid bc he was in town, how is it i introduced one of the other guys to my life long friend knwing they were perfect for each other and they got married and she is pregnant. How? did I end up dating and sleeping w alex for a year, lean on him after that was over when things got bad – just a simple 45 min phone call w him calmed, helped me see straight, how is it spending 4 days at his home, twice in July in San Diego was the last relaxing time i have had since (i fled to “home” when christian and i ended)? how did htey regain my trust?

    They lied. they hurt me in a way i… dont think i have ever been hurt before, i dont even let myself, i didnt let myself think about it or i would have been lost in a vortex of pain.

    They worked for it. For years. it took… years, like 6 years for it all to come back together. Scarlet sends me cards and books of inspiration when she knows im down, she was one of the first to donate to my run, i was one of the first she told she was pregnant. Alex was there for me, he proved himself by telling me everything, by being honest, by standing by me. For … doing this for YEARS. The others are the same. alex has a gf now, tara is married, all is in a different world than when we were 19 or 20 years old. She was scared. Thats it. I wouldnt wanna tell either if it were me.

    I could have NOT accepted their apology. I could HAVE not given them a chance at all. But i did, i did bc we shared something once a upon a time. maybe w alex we were never going to be a couple, that is fine. he means more to me as the friend he has been. scarlet is one of the best people i know and … calls me in the middle of the night when terrible things happen to her and knows i will pick up and talk her through.

    It was them who apologized, it was my choice to accept or not. Now, I wonder, why wouldn’t someone give a person another chance. what malicious act (worse than going behind your best friends back and getting into an intense 3 year relationship with the man you knew she loved and LYING ABBOUT IT FOR MONTHS).

    I dont trust easily after being lied to or hurt, but i give a chance bc i would always wonder what i could miss out on if i didn’t. worst case, the fuck up and i bounce. Best case, well that story is the best case 🙂

  7. If we love things that are corruptible/temporary/of short lifespan our love is destined to be short-lived (like our human form) If we trust only in those same things our trust is open to abuse and to be betrayed. We are wise if we realise these things.

    i believe we humans are capable of Higher Love and Higher Trust (Faith) – in that which will never corrupt or fade or die. When we learn that Love and have that Faith/Trust. we can then go on and live from those two in our daily lives and not be hurt or let down so much that we deny ourselves and others that which we dearly long to give and to receive – our (God’s) Love.

    If we only know simple human love then we must accept the likelyhood that it will corrupt and eventually die.

  8. Preach on! Speaks the truth. No posts in a while. you feelin ok?

  9. Things are well with Bob generally, thank you ( not yet perfect, but which of us is? 😉 )

    Bob has a history of laziness – he’s working on it.

    Inspiration comes in bursts sometimes and sometimes there is drought.

    Bob needs to be careful he does not become drunk on his own brilliance and start posting careless BS. 😉

    Bob has had ample evidence that there is still much self-work Bob needs to do in order to preach truthfully and to be less hypocritical.

    Everyone is welcome to supply more evidence of this that Bob probably missed along the way. 🙂

    May God keep and Bless you.

  10. Now Bob, how would jay know about any misdeeds you may have commited?

    You know, in your heart. Let God guide you to them. I am certain they aren’t buried deep enough that you can’t find them quickly (unless you are an actual sociopath and don’t see yourself responsible for anything ever / but I don’t know or think that is the case).

    Please, allow your brain to rest, recoup. A quality quote or post cannot be filled with time, creativity just comes naturally. That i totally understand!

  11. I love your commentary on the great and powerful “like.” And your support for the greater good is inspiring! Shine on, friend!

  12. Welcome Wiley! Cute gravatar 😉

    ”Let your light so shine….” 🙂

  13. Hi Bob, for some reason I couldn’t reply to your comment on my blog so I followed you here!

    Thank you, I resonate with lot you say a lot and it’s very grounding. I agree that scripture has a lot of value and truth and I actually began to read the Bible again after going on retreat last summer. I will try to keep the faith that I have my health and trust in God’s ability to heal me.

    By the way, I also agree with this post about ‘likes'”!


    • Thank you very much Starry. I do understand the difficulties of chronic conditions and the tests it raises up in us and our Faith. I believe thoughts of punishment and us not being ‘good’ enough are very unhelpful to such a situation. We always have control of our choices however – we decide what we think (or should – too often our thoughts are strongly influenced by others) If we can choose to be strong in our Faith, let it be the strongest thing in us, then i believe we can better find a path to better health, with God leading the way.

      That which we truly believe is the strongest influence in our life is what will determine our life – in all things. If we find a conflict occurring in our life it is likely due to us not thinking in harmony with our highest belief or the highest belief (Power) in our Universe.

      The Bible tells us how we may best think… Thy Will, not my will, be done.

      God Bless

    • Welcome Ariel, and thanks for the heads up!

      Having visited the post you linked to however, and being baffled by the seeming lack of any content other than a .gif i don’t think i’ll resort to legal action! 😉

      I’m not claiming copyright on this post anyway… if you read the last few lines you’ll see i am more than happy for people to copy the idea and would gladly help them do the same on their blog – It’s a gift that keeps on giving! 🙂

      • Ariel

         /  14 May, 2013

        How noble of you, being the bigger… Err… mouse.

        I believe I also saw he wrote about confirmation bias, which of course I could conclude was simply adding to my own “confirmation” of his “idea theft” (gosh things can get so entangled in dealing in philosophies. I like it!).

        Also, technically none of your content hosted by WordPress is subject to copyright. I think you gotta self host for that “privilege”. I think so, not sure.

        And shall you continue upon you crusade!

  14. Haha 🙂 ‘mouse’ is close enough.. in my eyes i see him as a D’oh!r-mouse 🙂 ( I’ve had quite a few D’oh! moments)

    I did not see the confirmation bias post which i would imagine would add weight to your thief theory but other than that i cannot comment for the moment.

    I believe that by publishing anything using wordpress one automatically grants wordpress royalty free rights to reproduce content, but that otherwise Copyright Law still prevails and theft is theft.

    You cannot freely take what another has created and use it as your own without the owner’s permission, unless it is ‘public’ domain stuff ( not too sure of the defn) – I don’t think even self hosting alters things if you use wordpress templates etc on your site. (but don’t quote me ! 😉 )

    As for continuing upon my ‘Noble’ crusade..?

    A mouse has got to do what a mouse has to do!

  15. Bob, you definitely deserve more than “just” a “like” here (although plenty of these likes are meant with all of a blogger’s heart and not just a “job done”-thought 😉 ! I am mostly impressed by the time and care you put into your answers to the comments here… I will definitely be back for more of Bob’s wisdom!!!

  16. Hi Cloud 🙂

    I am amazed that anyone besides Jay and Ariel bothered to read my comments 😉

    I do try to answer every comment to my blog and to do so as honestly as i can so as to not cause confusion or misunderstandings and also to try to ‘get to know’ those who are kind enough to stop and say ‘Hi’. 🙂

  17. Yeah!! Free Rice!! Good stuff Bob!


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