Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible! (Part 3)

I have made this letter longer, because I have not had the time to make it shorter.Blaise Pascal 🙂

(For part 2 see here: )

Alright, as promised so very long ago…

Why Time Travel Is (Probably) Impossible!

Time Machine meets Big Bang

In the movie, The Time Machine, based upon the novel by H.G. Wells, the hero makes a machine that ‘isolates’ him and his machine in a time bubble while the rest of the world around him first experiences a rapid prolonged period of elapsed time and then the same process in reverse. He effectively stays still and, compared to the world, he seems to have no time (does not age) or be incapable of movement. Yet inside his bubble he sees everything inside as ‘normal’ while the world becomes a blur and things decay and pass away and earth builds up and wears down around him as time passes him ‘by’. When he stops his machine he can get out and everything returns to ‘normal’ time but millions of years in the future while he lived only a few minutes inside the machine bubble.  This is very similar to the effect described back in part one. The differences are: a) both he and the earth (and any earth observer) effectively remained travelling at the same speed and direction (never came close to moving at light speed compared to the earth); and b). he was able to do the same journey in reverse.

Basically he moved through Time alone, not through space.

Trouble is though, rarely does one appreciate, that here on earth we are never ‘standing still’.

Standing up or sitting down in one spot as you may now be you are moving in at LEAST 4 different motions and speeds.

In increasing velocities they are:

1. rotation of earth around it’s axis ( between 300 and 1600 km/h for most of us, faster at the equator, slower near the poles)

2. revolving around the sun. (about 100,000km/h)

3. revolving around Milky Way galaxy centre (around 3/4 of a million km/h)

4. the Milky Way galaxy is moving away from the big bang and from other galaxies at enormous speed.

you can add another one if you are in a train, plane or automobile right now.

So, now that we are aware of this fact and also of the interconnectedness of Space-time we are forced to realise that in order to move in time we also must move in space. Where we are ‘now’ is not where we were even a few seconds ago nor will it be where we are next year.

Newton observed that any object in motion will continue in that motion until an unbalanced force acts upon it. Newtons First Law of Motion, also known as Law of Inertia.

In order for us to move through space-time it requires the use of an ‘unbalanced’ force, whether it be to walk along a beach, fly in a plane or journey to Mars, or even to move through time. A force must be placed upon the object to be moved and either attract it (like a magnet does steel) or repel it, like our feet do against the earth and gravity.

This force requires energy. Moving in 3d space requires energy proportional to the distance to be moved and the mass being moved and the objects initial momentum, which is proportional to the objects velocity.

As we saw above any object on earth has an enormous resultant velocity, even stationary ones, and hence enormous momentum to overcome.

So time travel would require energy not only to move in the time dimension  but also significant quantities to move in the physical dimensions. And here is another ‘catch’ – just what do we push against, or attract with to move through the time dimension? To what and to where, exactly, is this force to be applied?

Something else we never normally consider in time travel is the concept in physics of conservation.

Things like mass/energy, momentum and angular momentum must be ‘conserved’ and yet if time travel were possible, there could be more mass and therefore more momentum/angular momentum in the future (if we travel to the future) or the past, if we travel back in time, than there is ‘now’ when we are no longer there. That could make things very confusing indeed.

I think the final ‘proof’ that time travel is not possible however is a very simple to understand one.

Given what we know of our human nature – if time travel was possible (at least in a backwards direction) we surely should have had some evidence of it somewhere in our ‘past’ by now?

That’s a pretty huge ‘secret’ to keep without any hints of being suspected. – Probably! 😉

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