Bob Is Thinking…

(…and that is always a dangerous sign!) 😉

Have you ever met someone who always refers to themselves in the 3rd person??

Take for example Mr X (or, lets call him, say, … Bob! that’s a nice randomly inoffensive little name.) Bob says things like: ” Bob is not happy!” or “Bob thinks that is a great idea!”, or ” Bob could really do with a long lie down and a cool drink.” –  ever met one of those people?

Is is just me, or are they usually irritating people you tend to cross to the other side of the street to avoid if you see them in the distance? 🙂

Like maybe they are not actually ‘normal’ or not quite ‘all there’?

That’s how i used to think, but just recently i had a little insight that let me see them in a new light. I think they just might be on to something (no, not ON something – onTO something!) 🙂

To explain… as may have been evident to those who read my previous posts ( i’m delusional enough to have hope that you DO exist out there, even if you refuse to comment – that’s your choice!) i’m of the opinion, based upon all i have experienced so far in life, that we largely live in a self-made, self-oriented universe. We are in fact ‘self-ish’.

I don’t mean that we are some kind of God Almighty and we created every other thing we see, or person we talk with, what i mean is we uniquely detect and pay sensory attention to everything ‘out there’ and everything ‘in here’ in a way that is UNIQUE to our own self and that includes our own self-image creation – our idea of who or what we ‘truly’ are. ie the thing that holds our thoughts and our own ‘inner voice’ we use to make sense of the external and internal worlds. There are currently over 7 BILLION ( 7, 000,000,000) unique such creatures sharing this one planet and by no means all of them are anything like another one – we all experience things differently ( some to greater degrees than others) so how are we to find consensus and act as a single intelligent race?

Trouble is, by and large, we remain blissfully unaware of this – or very many of us do and let ‘life’ get in the way of taking sufficient time out to analyse this properly so as to be able to see what, if any, mistakes we have made and warped into our illusional/delusional consciousness as a result! Mistakes that keep on compounding the older we get, which causes us to make yet more mistakes and to compensate and so on. This ultimately leads us to become very much less ‘efficient’ at almost anything of purpose we try to achieve for ourselves or others than needs be.

Very few of us ever actually work all this out.

But that 3rd person thing… that has a potential. If we all started to refer to ourselves in the 3rd person it would serve to remind both ourself and the person(s) we were talking with that what we think, say and feel is actually a unique personal construction and not necessarily a fundamental universal truth that may have some, but probably not a ‘perfect’, correlation to what is actually happening at the time!

It would allow ourself to not get so deeply ‘attached’ to our self image, our ‘personal’ view, that may be accurate or wildly inaccurate depending upon how our perception and level of awareness have developed since we first learned how to ‘think’.

Attachment to an idea or concept, the ‘personalisation’ – the identification of a thing with our own ‘identity’ of it is often what gets us, as members of a shared society, into ‘trouble’, particularly in situations where emotions become highly charged and ‘honour’ or ‘self-worth’, ‘self-identity’ we feel is being somehow threatened.

Removing ourselves one step away from that self-identification by referring to everything in the 3rd person could just be a good way of  giving ourselves and everybody else sufficient ‘personal space’ so as not to result in as much ‘offense’ because it lets us see that what we are saying doing and feeling is just one view – it does not necessarily carry as much of a sense of this is (I am) Right, and you are not.

Because what ‘Bob thinks it is’ does not necessarily mean that that is ‘the way it is’ for anyone else.

Bob thinks referring to Bob in the 3rd person would be a good idea. 🙂


(* Providing you can learn to put up with the weird looks and people in front of you suddenly crossing to the other side of the street!) 😀

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  1. Very irritating, I agree!

  2. Bob is sorry if he irritates you! 😉

  3. HaHa! Great thoughts here Bob, although strangely, when you began to speak of yourself in the third person, I read those bits with a ‘Jar Jar Binks’ voice – not sure why.

    • Thanks Kelly! 🙂 Funny – when Bob started talking that way Bob was hearing (complete co-incidence here) of BOB in NY from the TV show Becker – a truly irritating 3rd personer. Bob guesses Jar Jar is probably as irritating as is BOB.


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