My original idea when i started this blog was to use it as a forum for my rants on things that i believe are wrong with this world – and to allow others to do likewise.

But, i have a problem with that now…

My problem is this… in doing that – venting against the negative side of our shared human nature it causes me to focus more on that negative side… and frankly i think we focus on that way too much than is really good for us already.

Tried counting the positive vs negative reports on any TV news lately? In the papers? On news websites? Get my point? Mostly a ‘bad’ headline will sell more copy than a ‘good’ one ( Royal marriages or babies excluded).

Just ranting about something i don’t agree with , even if i do it in the hope of raising people’s level of awareness of the ‘wrongness’ of the thing i’m ranting over in the vain hope enough might agree with me and decide to actually DO something to fix it, just is not a very positive thing to do and will largely just come across to most casual observers as me being a GOM  (Grumpy Old Man!)

I want to do something ‘more constructive’ that produces better results – but what can one man do (hence the intended ‘appeal’ to our higher awarenesses), Besides some of the time, my rants and the ‘wrongness’ can be based upon poor reporting or little to no real understanding of all the issues concerned… although i do believe that i posses a considerable degree of inherent comprehension that allows me to see many sides to most arguments and think i hold a pretty good grip on what is ethical and moral.

My biggest difficulty however lies in  a common basic misperception ( common and basic i believe to almost all of us)…

By bringing to a wider attention something i see of as ‘wrong/bad’ for me/us i am opposing myself against that thing ( and quite possibly many people who don’t think as i do….. y’know ‘normal’ people) ;-)…

So instead of uniting mankind and myself (as is the intent)  i am in fact dividing it and setting up yet another ‘division’ in my world wide shared society. This is NOT what my higher self is calling upon me to do. It is the exact opposite.


As i hinted in the previous post…. it is only through tollerance, not intollerance, that we can learn to live as a harmonious whole – a single shared Humanity on this sole blue/green planet of ours. A society that values the individual and individual differences while being able to mutually co-operate and interact without bigotry and violence towards each other.

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for this Bob. I vote for focusing on the light 🙂


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