Robert Burns, My Apologies.

Inspiration comes… and goes, it would seem…?single-red-rose

I was just trawling through my ‘Think’ folder, the one where i keep thoughts and other things i find of interest for posterity, and read this:


My luve is like a red, red rose

That in a central courtyard grows.

Surrounded by four walls of stone,

The hands that built those walls, my own.


Protected from the bitter wind

Of other luve’s of those who’ve sinned.

Yet still more deadly is the sin

Formed from my fear that blows within.


Stretching out up to the azure skies

To reach for freedom that up there lies.

My luve, that be planted within the ground,

Desires not the walls in which it’s found.


But instead doth search for the wide-open space

That’s Illumined with the Light of Grace.

And lest it, over-reaching, would die

Perhaps with a roof i’ll block the sky.


As i kept my luve thus safe inside,

With all my fearful care – it died.


Pretty good work that, i thought… “I wonder who wrote it?”

Turns out after a little investigation…. it was me!!!


I must have read Scot poet Robbie Burns’ Red, Red Rose and been inspired to far greater heights than usual as it seems i wrote this quite quickly after waking from a midnight slumber!


Maybe there’s some kind of hope for me yet? If my memory hangs in here long enough 😉

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