A Brave New World

Have been thinking of a post to write… thanks to a little ‘insight’ that came to me over the weekend…  How differently would we behave to other people if we saw them simply as another ‘version’ of us?
What if the ‘thing’ that thinks, our conscious self – the ‘voice’ in our head, the thing that is what we hold to be our values, our emotions, our true inner ‘self’ that we believe is unique to each one of us… What if that is really the self-same thing (or an identical ‘clone’) in each one of us? What if the reason why everyone seems different is not that we are different people, but that we are the same person having different experiences in differing situations and we see them as a different body somehow ‘outside’ of what we think of is ‘us/me’? That somehow the 7 billion plus humans all living at the same time are all just one person in 7 billion different positions somehow able to see the others as seperate and in a simultaneous time to us?
What if we saw that bearded man with a headscarf in Afghanistan as me but having been raised in that place and time and body, or that girl in Ethiopia with legs like matchsticks and a round empty belly as me but raised in that place and time? Would we then behave differently to people? Would we value them more – have sympathy for them – understand them and their ‘need’? Believe they had or were something of extreme value and not dismiss them as ‘terrorist’ or ‘famine victim’?
What if we saw George W Bush as us, just born in a different place and time to where we remember? Or Barack Obama or Adolf Hitler? Or Paris Hilton or Justin Beiber or Lee Harvey Oswald?
We all  believe that we are so much ‘better’ than some fellow human beings were and perhaps we think we are less or worse than others, that we would never ever do what some of us did or could manage to do what some have achieved… But would we, given the same circumstances? What real difference is there inside any single one of us?  Other than how we were raised and grew to feel?
Would the world be a better or worse place if all of us knew that inside we are but One and it is only due to circumstance that we look at times (mostly from a great distance or if we get TOO ‘close’) to be so very foreign, alien, inhumane – different?
Could Humanity on this planet take one giant step forward and all think like that? Would we then be able to be more tolerant, more caring, more understanding of what we all see as ‘them’  ‘out there’ if we constantly remember that, deep down, they are actually just like us ‘in here’.
Would we choose to go to war with ourself? Still want to kill ourself? Still invalidate or hold to a lower standard our self’s right to live as they choose?
I’d like to think not.
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