1 Hope… 1 Dream…

The phrase just sprung into my central railway station mind this morning and i thought it might make for an interesting post….


One Hope,… One Dream.


I believe all humans have at least one of both sometime throughout their lives, some great, some lesser but that few, if any, ever end up becoming a reality, which is i believe quite sad.

So i think the best way we can help make a dream come true or have Hope fulfilled is if we DO some things…

… and the first thing we should do?

WRITE THEM DOWN!  (as simply and as clearly ( and importantly – non-judgmentally) as we can).


So – go grab a pen or pencil  or open up a new notepad file or word program and take a little time for contemplative thought.. then write down..” I hope  ( that/for/i…whatever)” and something you REALLY do Hope for or hope will happen, one day.

It can be anything you chose, great or small, personal or all-inclusive… World peace?… a new pair of shoes,… that my next child will be a boy/girl.. that i win the first prize in a jackpot lottery… That Jesus returns to earth next week – whatever YOU want and can have Hope for. But make it the one hope you want to come true for you most at this time.

Then after you have done that, write down: “My Dream is that….” and write down something you Dream of coming True for you. This can be related to or perhaps even the same thing as your Hope, although if you were given two free wishes by a genie would you wish for the same thing twice? i doubt it.

It does not mater how ‘realistic’ the idea is – it should make no difference if you can ‘see’ it happening or never happening… this is a Dream after all and dreams seldom bear much resemblance to our day to day ‘reality’.

This is a Dream with no restraints at all – anything you like/want/need; it is yours and not anyone else’s to dream about.

The second thing we should do…

So now you have a piece of paper or a file or whatever with two things ( in as much detail as you like.. too much may get too confusing for you to ‘remember’ and too little may not be ‘specific’ enough… make them both ‘just right’ and not subject to ambiguity… YOU have to know what they mean exactly. ( more or less 😉 )

You don’t have to be ‘tied’ down to this – you are free to change your mind as you see fit but give them a little thought and try to have some staying power and not change your mind too often – if something is really worth dreaming of or hoping for it is worth sticking with for more than a week – yes?

Now… simply hold one in your mind for a few moments of quiet uninterrupted contemplation, take a short break – get up move around do something, then come back to the file paper and do the same for the other thing…

The third thing we should do is…

Then just repeat often. Whenever you have a few minutes doing nothing ( ad break on TV, waiting in a cue, sitting in a car, on a bus, over a coffee, whatever!) just look at each one in turn and contemplate, maybe even begin to visualise a few things.

Want to know the real reason why we mostly never seem to get what we want in life…

Two Words…

Inconsistency! Negativity! – strangely enough both of these are SOLELY controlled by us and us alone. it is entirely within our own power to have control over both those things in our life. Did anyone ever teach you that at school? I wonder why that was?


One Hope…. One Dream….

May you make yours come true.

If you wish for a little help consistency-wise, feel free to write down your dreams in the comments section – no judgements here! 🙂

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  1. Just emailed you about something like this! Strange. Well here’s to hoping I have millions in my account. And my dream to be happily married to M and walk away into the sunset forever! Amen.:-)))

  2. No Judgement on hope and dream here Sy! 🙂

    Now…I Hope… you wrote those down somewhere already??

  3. annnd.. because it is a little unfair of me to expect others to do what i don’t do myself (there’s a post for another day!)..

    I Hope…. this blog becomes popular to a reasonable number (in my view) of viewers!
    I Dream… of earning a decent living doing a thing i love to do and would do for free anyway.

  4. Thank you for this entry. 🙂 I dream of becoming a passionate expert physician who would do missionary activities all around the globe. I dream of having a very long vacation at Japan and be able to make a book about all the things I;ve learned about their values and culture on that vacation. I so love Japan and the Japanese people. 😀 I dream of becoming a very loving wife and mom to my witty, respectful, patriotic and funny children. 😀 I really have a lot of dreams and will now be writing them all out and one by one, by much hope and prayer and faith, will make them come true one by one. 😀

  5. You are most welcome to the post dreamer. 🙂

    Not that i am ‘judging’… but those sound to me like most worthy dreams too.


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