It’s Too Late For Me….(this Time)

But there still may be time for you?


In three more days time (three more DAYS!!!!? Ugh! Pray i last out that long!) my state will have it’s State Government elections – unlike many parts of the world voting is compulsory in Australia with fines for enrolled non-voters. It is the only way to make enough of the jaded populace give a damn about who is put in power for us to fairly be called (notionally) a Democracy.

As with many places in our Westernised world that means we are being flogged to death (figuratively speaking – this is not Saudi Arabia just yet) with overwhelming amounts of public and privately funded electoral advertising.

Promises, Promises, Promises and of course, the obligatory playground accusations and muck-throwing that you’d expect the leaders of a civilised society to actively engage in when their jobs depend upon it.

Which brings me to the point here… Being a politician is a JOB! – A job unlike almost any other however. One that i believe is LONG overdue a bit of a job description re-draw.

Firstly lets make something abundantly clear here; unless you are self-employed having a Job necessitates having a Boss – one who makes the rules of employment, who pays the wages and who hires and fires and who has someone lower down in the organisation to take most of the blame for him but less of the credit.

So just who are our politicians bosses?

Don’t you know? Can’t you guess?

It’s SUPPOSED to be US! ( or as the US Constitution so nicely put it – We, The People)

WE pay our taxes to pay their undeserved salaries, their numerous expense benefits and ludicrously generous superannuation packages.

We vote them into office – and out again on a semi-regular basis – WE are The Boss!

So how come we keep on letting them get away with all the trashy stuff they keep doing year in year out while complaining bitterly about how little use they actually are??

Why do we put up with the farces that are ‘Question Time’ and Election promises??


I’ve got a suggestion: at the start of every politicians new term, be they in government or in opposition – or better yet just BEFORE each new term, every single one of ’em has to draw up an evaluation checklist!

This will contain all their major policy proposals and what they say they will do for us for the next 3 or 4 years. It will have performance indicators that they must meet every 12 months which we will review as their voters/employers. Then, when the next election rolls around, it will be a simple matter for all to see just who can be trusted to keep their word and who promises bulldust.

Anyone who falls an unacceptably far way behind their performance schedule can and will have their benefits/salary cut until an improvement can be shown.

In short it is about time We, The People started actually being the Boss and those who serve us tried serving US and not themselves. time we held them to the same principles we are bound by in our jobs – when we don’t perform we are not rewarded or allowed to keep doing what we were doing so badly – why should our Public Servants be treated any better than we ourselves?

And while we are about it the idea behind democracy was that a group of similarly located individuals met to chose from amongst them one who would represent them in a selected governing body – one who would be their representative in government, government by the people, of the people , for the people  (again borrowing from that shining light of democracy, the USA). Hence we have a House of Representatives (or in typical British understatement – a House of Commons – to balance the House of Lords, just to make sure one know’s one’s proper (common) place in ‘Our Society’, ‘our’ government). You can’t beat real tradition, can you? 😉

It was NOT, as it has become today, a popularity competition between some hacks few know of and less actually trust or like. Hacks chosen by some elite group hidden away from the general public’s view and input/oversight. Those whomsoever ‘the Party’, and not the actual constituents, deem appropriate(ly malleable, bendy or able to be twisted!).

Just who in their right minds – given any real choice – would have actually chosen John Howard or George Bush Jnr if we actually had to choose any one person to lead the country? Out of the millions of potential candidates were they the best our respective nations could arrive at as a ‘choice’? (and don’t even get me started on Ronnie Reagan. Malcolm Fraser or Gerald Ford!)

It has been said, and i believe it largely to be true, that we get the politicians we deserve.

Well i believe we deserve better than what we have sunk down to over the years and it is up to us to lift our ‘game’ when it comes to politics and how we vote and start demanding more from them – at least some kind of workplace equality and accountability – true accountablility with regular performance checks and balances not the appearance of accountability they spout out about so proudly when challenged.

Are ya with me? Re-blog this if you agree! We can make this happen world wide if we don’t let our usual apathy rule us.

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