You want some salt with your Fish?

chipsHaving an eternally questioning mind (and hopefully one open to alternate ideas/thought) i wonder why no-one seems to have asked this before…

In light of those who take the Bible as the literal Word of God and who do not believe in Darwin’s theory of Evolution how exactly do we reconcile the following?

There are salt-water fish and freshwater fish ( and a few, like ocean Salmon that live in the ocean ( salty) but are born ( and then ultimately die) in freshwater). How then, when the Great Flood wiped out most of earth’s living species and the world was entirely flooded with water making all the salty oceans cover the freshwater lakes and rivers for a time, did those separate species survive?

And if the purpose of the Flood was to wipe out all life on earth so as to start again afresh, why keep the fish and sealife?

And one last q – what happened to the biblical ocean creature – the leviathan?

And a small ‘aside’ q – does Palestine have freshwater fish or is the river Jordan and the seas of Galillee and the Dead Sea all salt water? ( SO would Moses have had to contend with the problem when he wrote about Noah?)

Just wondering…..?

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  1. Bob I love the humour in your writing! One of the best gifts God has blessed us humans with among million other things is laughter. God bless.:-)
    I did get a bit dizzy with your reality post. I’m probably the most unscientific woman there ever was. I’m berated for it all the time but I DON’T CARE.:-). Although I reserve a lot of respect for men and women who dedicate their lives to science to improve our world and lives. But I do literally snore when scientific reasoning is being used to reason with me.:-)

  2. Thank you very much Sy – i do try to maintain a ‘healthy’ (many people who know me well would dispute that description) sense of humour while also being able to see a serious side to life.

    Even I got a got dizzy with ‘reality’ and just where some of this planet’s greatest minds are now taking scientific direction and i am REALLY ‘into’ that kind of weirdness and pretend i have a basic grasp of the science (theories) behind it – so don’t feel bad about your reaction. I hope there are sufficient non-dizzymaking posts for all to enjoy here!

    I do hope though that all my posts spark a little curiosity, and preferably discussion, with the Reader. 🙂


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