Just What IS Reality Anyway…?

Saw a very interesting Doco on TV recently “What is Reality”.

The show dealt with how science is defining our reality that we live in and try to make sense of – or as they are doing, Trying to pin down just exactly what ‘everything’ actually is made of and how it all ‘fits’ together at the most basic levels of possible understanding.

This is of course basic (scientific) understanding, not basic (simple) as in: “You came from under a cabbage patch, Rebecca”

Several experts shared their current theories and ideas on the topic in as near to layman’s terms as you can get when describing the Standard Model of sub-atomic theory, quarks, quantum computers and holographic universes!

Even so it was quite mind-blowing stuff. As they point out – even the best experts don’t fully understand some of the aspects ( and might even be a little shaky on most of them) 🙂

Some of the highlights for me were…

Scientists at Fermilab’s Tevatron spending years searching for physical evidence of a sub-atomic particle ( the Top quark, believed to be the most massive of the 6 proposed quarks) which only stays in existance for a billion, billionth of a second – only to eventually realise that they actually had the evidence about 6 years previously but had failed to ‘recognise’ it for what it really was. The main point being that something that had only ever existed in the minds of theoretical physicists was proven to exist once the right technology was invented and built. This last discovery ‘proved’ the previous theory was accurate in Nature.

Everything in nature is now able to be understood in terms of the right combination of the 6 quarks and the fundamental forces of gravity, electromagnetism and the 2 atomic forces.

A Quantum Computer has been built which has the ability for a single bit of information to have more than 2 possible states ( for example the same bit could be on, off or on AND off at the same time!) Thus raising the possibility of vastly more powerful machines than the best supercomputers of today.

The demonstration of photon quantum entanglement, where 2 identical but separate photons are created so as to be able to replicate the actions of one in the other simultaneaously! That the action on one occurs also on the other at the same time even though the particles may be many miles apart means that if some kind of information is being transmitted between them it must do so faster than the speed of light – which in our universe Einstein believed was impossible. The effect has been verified. This suggests that a form of Teleportation, where particles are duplicated over distances faster than light can travel may well be possible.


Perhaps most weird in this exploration of reality though is the concept that everything we can see or touch in this universe is actually a projected 3d hologram with the information to reconstruct anything (including our self) stored on the outer ‘edge’ of our universe. This was proposed by someone who showed that the ‘information’ that entirely described any object that ‘fell’ into a black hole was actually embedded in the black hole’s Event Horizon. While the object ‘s mass may cause it to ‘disappear’ behind the Horizon, Information, like matter, can neither be created nor destroyed and so must remain ‘in’ the Universe and the only place it could then reside is on the event horizon.

Since the ‘end’ of the Universe shares similarity with this Horizon – no information can be lost by passing ‘beyond’ it it was proposed that all information inside the Universe may be a projection of the information at it’s outer ‘limit’.

How Real is that?? 🙂

Anyone who needs a headache pill and a long lie down after reading/absorbing this, there should be a safe place down that-a-way >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>….

For those of you who want to see even deeper down this rabbit hole ( Alice – i’m looking in your direction ) follow this link – if you dare and don’t mind staying awake in a daze for a couple of days. http://www.crystalinks.com/holographic.html 

# The original Doco can be found here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xkvoa0_bbc-horizon-2011-what-is-reality-hdtv_tech   (runs 58 mins)

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