He’s Us

I don’t really know why, because I am not in the strictest sense a religious person, but lately God seems to be a main topic in my thoughts when posting.


Maybe it’s in part because a while ago, when I first took up blogging ‘seriously’ (read: addicted), I found a really nice friendly group of almost normal seeming people who blogged regularly and who ,co-incidentally, were largely solid core, new wave Christians.


We had us some fine old chats before twitter came along and spoiled the party and the blog group gradually posted less and I gave blogging away – for a time….


But that’s besides the point…


The point is I am fascinated by the way words (even across different languages) can have unexpected, yet somehow seemingly meaningful, connections – i’m sure there will be a term for it and a deep psychological ‘reasoning’ for it but i’m too lazy to be bothered looking them up and just wanted to point one out so you can do with it whatsoever you will.


The particular word of the day is: Jesus.


The name Jesus is quite a common one in latino countries where local pronunciation tends to sound to us English speaking people as ‘Hey’s Uss’ From this it is a very small deviation to get ‘He’s Us’


Jesus – Hesus – He’s Us? Right? (Think 2000 years of chinese whispers and it seems plausible).


According to the New Testament of the Christian Bible, Jesus came to ‘show us the way’ for us to be like him as he was supposed to be God made flesh – a living human, like us, but with the authority of the Divine. Able to be born and die like us, yet able to live always according to God’s Word and put God above himself and his own human desires/wants/needs.


The idea being to prove to us it was possible to live a good and holy life as outlined in the Old Testament/ Hebrew bible– even if we were all just a bunch of lost sinners (as the story goes).


He is Us! – Jesus. Cool? Or not?


In Latin (or is it all Greek?) The name Jesus was Iesu (I is You) and unfortunately my Aramaic was not good enough to know if there is a similar connection in Jesus’s own language.


(What ever did we do before Google??)


Aramaic for Jesus is Eashoa, or some pronounce it Yeshua (Yes You Are) which is kind of funny given the number of times the Bible mentions Jesus as being the great ‘I Am’.


And if He was – then we should be also. He’s Us!


You may want to think about that for a while and see if you are living up (or down) to your own standards? 🙂

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