Enough is Enough

drinkI defy anyone who saw last Monday’s Four Corners program on the increasing levels of violence related to alcohol abuse say that their ‘right’ to a quiet drink outweighs the victim’s and their families rights to be able to live a normal life – one where alcohol is not permitted to be the problem it has become.

Let me qualify that statement.

I can already hear the howls of outrage at even the hint that alcohol should be banned as a source of ‘entertainment’ in our society. That i’m sounding like a no-nothing do-gooder and that ‘they’ have never let alcohol control them to the point where they are unable to control themselves and so what possible reason could there be for banning their harmless enjoyment.

I’m heartily sick of that particular perspective and it makes no sense whatsoever.

I am fully aware that the latest research shows us there are three main types of people and the affects alcohol has on them and that not everyone who drinks or enjoys a drink will be in any way responsible for thuggish violence against a totally innocent party (like maybe your mother or brother).

There are those who can drink ‘responsibly’, ie consume alcohol and either do so in very limited quantities/sessions or who do not become aggressive, perhaps merely have slower reactions, when intoxicated. Of course should these individuals (around 40% or more, or the larger proportion of three basic drinker types, some might term ‘social drinkers’) then be involved in a risky or potentially dangerous situation requiring fast reflexes – like driving a car for example – they can still increase unnecessarily the chances to cause innocent people or themselves serious harm; Then there are those who will sometimes drink simply to get drunk – to lose control and inhibitions – who may or may not get involved in drunken brawls or feel like they have to exhibit macho behaviour which can typically result in serious injury to themselves or others, termed ‘problem drinkers’, and finally there are those who cannot control their need to drink – basically your alcoholics – who are doing serious injury to themselves and occasionally to others, and often their own families of course, not to mention taking up enormous amounts of resources in terms of health care workers, paramedics, police time and hospital beds. This type does not have the genetic ability or their environmental factors necessary for them to drink without drinking to excess.

So although not everyone who has a drink or enjoys one has a problem or causes one it is my point of view that the problems that are generated by the proportion of our society that does are of such a seriously horrific nature and quantity (and are showing signs of rapidly increasing, not simply remaining constant or shrinking) that these far outweigh society’s ‘right’ to have alcohol freely available to all.

Not all of us drink, not all of us drink irresponsibly (although the simple act of having any alcoholic beverage is designed solely to make you less responsible – to loosen your inbuilt inhibitions, make you ‘loosen up’ and let you be your real self, not the one you try to make others believe you are. And of course to make you spend more of your money buying more liquor so the massive industry can make so many billions in profits each year. Certainly not all of us maim or kill people they have never met before because they had a little too much to drink that night (day/week…)


Those who do, and their numbers ARE increasing, cost ALL of us, drinker and non-drinker alike, more than anyone gets back because they enjoy a ‘little’ drink.

I do not believe our society should be prepared to pay that cost any longer and that alcohol is an unnecessary ‘evil’ – regardless of the billions it ‘generates’ for (sucks out of) the economy.

Anyone who thinks otherwise, watch the Four Corners (ABC1 Australia, Mon 25/02/13, 8 30 pm) report, then go and argue your case with Mr and Mrs Ford and thank God that Ben is not your son.

Sometimes to stop a wrong WE have to do what is right.

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