I apologise America – I got you all wrong!

It seems I have been guilty of a serious misplacing of fault upon the American Gun Owner for most of my adult life.

Until today I thought of them as innately fear-driven neanderthals unworthy of a place in a decent civilised society (assuming such a society does actually exist somewhere today) who were too blind to see the truth, that only criminals and the police ‘need’ guns and that by insisting on their ‘right’ and necessity of owning guns and ammunition (in a number of cases hoarding more firepower than your average US army soldier receives) they were aiding and abetting in the murder of 10,000 of their fellow citizens in America, not all of whom could be described as ‘innocent’, every single year.


What? Over the top? I just don't see it!

What? Over the top? I just don’t see it!


Today I learned better.

Up until today I was blissfully unaware. (Ingnorance can be bliss – I believe that’s why so many of us frequently adopt it ourselves)…

I was blissfully unaware that while 10,000 people are murdered who might otherwise not be by people with handguns and automatic assault weapons every single year TWENTY thousand – twice as many – people kill THEMSELVES with the damn things!

See? I was not aware of the bigger picture here – I only saw the evil in owning a gun and completely missed the upside!

Sure killing others is bad – even in so-called ‘self-defence’, like with Oscar Pistorius – but hey, gun owners actually take more of their kind out than the good guys!

Ok, so I know 20,000 a year out of 110 million ‘legitimate’ gun owners in total in the US is but a small fraction, but they are doing what they CAN to reduce the numbers of people with guns! And here i’ve been misjudging them all these years…

And the BEST part is, given the current trends in our society’s I am 100% positive that the proportion will keep growing rapidly until, maybe one day soon, there’ll be no-one left who thinks owning a gun is a really cool , or even a necessary idea!

Now, if only we could figure out a way to increase the trend most rapidly amongst the weapons manufacturing industry – wouldn’t that be nice boys and girls?

Sort of like having Tobacco company execs getting lung cancer before anyone else did…


Sigh…. If Only!

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