Pardon me? Did you REALLY just say that??

Big Hoo-hah in the Media at the moment about some of Australia’s male Olympic swim team stars abusing a banned prescription only drug (Stilnox) in the week before their less than usually impressive performance at the one in four year events.

It has been ‘highlighted’ this week by a group mea culpa before the press in which 5 of the 6 people involved in the ‘bonding’ session’? admitted to taking one stilnox pill ( although it has been reported that more than 5 pills were taken on the night and that they were taken intentionally with high caffeine energy drinks in order to achieve a high). This was done in the pre-training camp that housed the Aussie Olympic Swim Team  after the team members had been relaxing with dinner and a movie and their antics are said to have disrupted the sleep and routine of other swimmers in the camp.

That their actions were, at best, childish and undoubtedly thoughtless and uncaring of their team mates is undisputed and they admit it was a stupid thing to do ( with the benefit of hindsight). But a comment by one of the senior members (James Magnussen) caught my attention and gave me cause for future concern about how society, particular the younger half of it, maybe ‘thinking’ today.

When explaining some of the reasons for his poor ‘choice’ in doing what he and the others did he stated that he had for over a year been feeling pressure  and that he “JUST WANTED TO FEEL NORMAL FOR A CHANGE…”. (as may reasonably be expected of a world’s number one athlete – although i am sure having held at some point the title of world’s fastest swimmer in his event that there could reasonably be said to be more pressure on the other swimmers to try and beat him…being number one does have some perks after all).

Normal? FEEL ‘normal’? By taking a drug prescribed by a doctor for someone else’s medical condition along with another drug-containing drink specifically to achieve an unnatural ‘high’ – After a relaxing evening’s dinner and movie with a bunch of your friends? Is that what normal people DO these days?

Maybe it is?

And, of course, now that it has achieved world wide media saturation and because of his comments even more people with an unsure idea about just what is and is not ‘normal’ will undoubtedly find it even easier to do the same dumb thing… no matter what the ultimate consequence.

In which case i can only thank God and myself that i am most definitely NOT ‘normal’.

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