I am frequently amazed by current trends and i find the following two examples, when considered together, to be a little disconcerting.


kmart img05890122

With the one on the right i see this as yet another step towards the disaster that is the anthropomorphism of our pets into human substitutes – Humans have Weetbix, now your playful pal can have his own Woofbix when he sits down at the table for his morning brekky and mug of coffee!

Coupled with the almost as baffling desire to make our children* out to be a dog or a  cute wittle pink…whatever the hell that is supposed to be on the left, it does not bode well with me for the future of modern ‘man’kind.

* THE MOST disturbing aspect to this particular ‘trend’ i have seen in recent times is the tres amuse gift bowl shaped like a dog’s bowl with the word ‘MAN’ emblazoned upon it in a Thingz store catalogue  which is presumably given to the one she loves as a deep and abiding sign of the respect she holds her ‘Man’ to be held in – and so that said ‘Man’ can remember both his descriptor and his proper place in life at one and the same time.

The Ultimate insult? Thingz were charging the sum of $35 for this wondrous gift.

In my more cynical moments i imagine them lining up round the block to purchase one.

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