And The Topic For Today Is…..


Something bugging you? Feel like you want to grab the world (or one individual) by the shoulders and talk some sense into it (them)??

ME TOO! ( More times than i care to mention and seemingly increasing with each passing day.)

So with the aid of the WWW, and the added benefit of being this blogs first Author/Contributor/Creator, let the show begin…


P.S. Commenters welcome but print anything your or my Granma may object to (ie. vulgarity) and it will likely not see the light of day. The best Commenters will be invited to post their own Soapbox rant on these August Pages. 🙂


P.P.S. Inflammatory posts may get past the moderator but not defamatory ones. I might not necessarily agree with what anyone says here but unless it is likely to result in a legal writ it will (probably) remain for the world to pay attention to.


Final P.S. Bad spelling or just pure carelessness annoys the hell out of some of us so would it kill you to at least use a spellchecker before hitting ‘send’?

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  1. And The Topic For Today Is….. | agwfacts

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