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The starving, Bob and God thank you.


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We Do Not Understand

“God is everything we do not understand. To claim God does not exist is therefore the Ultimate arrogance of man.”

Tweet to the ABC’s interactive program, Q&A, Monday 27 May 2013.

To believers, God is the Ultimate. He is Everything, the original source of all that is, all that exists. All knowledge, all wisdom, the entire Universe and more, nothing exists that did not have it’s origins in and through Him. All the things we know of are but a small fraction of his domain; all that we do not know ( much more than that which we do) is the greater ‘part’ of God and has yet to be revealed to us, we are as yet to uncover – dis-cover – it.

To say any one human understands God is ludicrous; we understand God in somewhat of a similar way that someone with a tourist map of New York ‘understands’ New York City. You might be able to work out your way around some general points or even have a picture in your mind of the ‘layout’ but you cannot see the whole city from a map, you can not hear. touch or smell it, you have no idea who lives there, what it produces, it’s history or much at all of it’s total composition. Given enough time and interest and ability to communicate to the city and the people that make it ‘live’ you might begin to ‘understand’ the city, but you can only do so from your own particular perspective and it may not bear much semblance to what any other tourist with the same map might come to understand in their lifetime.

If this is true for something as ‘simple’ as one single human city, how much more true is it for something that can be worthy of he name ‘God Almighty’?

We who believe do not know God, we just fool ourselves for our own peace of mind that we can.

Knowing God is not however, the same thing as knowing OF God. We are all capable of the latter; none of us are yet capable of the former.

Knowing OF God allows us a choice: we are free to choose to believe in God; have Faith in Him and to Love Him with all our heart, mind and soul… or not. It is to be a completely free choice which way we ‘go’.

There are however, no choices we make that have no consequences and we need to be very clear on that point.


Believing will have consequences.


Not believing will have different consequences.


We get a free choice of which we take.


But if those who believe are right and God is everything we do not (yet) understand, To say that God does not exist is a person’s Ultimate arrogance – for it says there is nothing we do not understand. It says that even though there may be something i do not understand it cannot possibly be a part of something greater than myself, that no such entity exists; if it did surely i would know of it or about it.


Well the truth is – you DO, but you choose not to accept what you know. And worse, many of you , like Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Krause et al accuse those who do know (of God) of being silly, stupid and un’reason’able.


We all have to live with the consequences of our decision on Faith.

Image courtesy of

GOOGLE yourself.


(Image from

Most Christians know the acronym W W J D ( What Would Jesus Do) as a source of giving themselves a different perspective on a situation than the one they might usually adopt ( coming from one’s self ). It is a useful term but a little awkward to say – it does not glide easily off the tongue.

Google has become an almost universal source of information ( guidance) for our computer literate society today world wide, believers and non-believers alike, over all religious beliefs, not just christianity.

I would like to introduce a new way of using Google, or GOOGLE as above.


Consider that GOOGLE can stand for:











What do i mean by that? – Simple. Those who would seek to follow only God’s Will for themselves have a MAJOR obstacle… their own will frequently gets in the way. We want to do and be ‘good’ but we do that which if we really look at it is the wrong thing. This is most often because we are inclined to do what we do based mostly upon what we know or think and we actually know of think in a very limited capacity compared to the entirity of all there is to know or be.


So as a commonly seen ‘reminder’ to take the wider perspective, to do based upon the knowledge of God and not just our own limited view, GOOGLE yourself. Get Out Of God’s Living Entity  (your mind/body) – empty ‘yourself’ so as to allow God back in unhindered by your personal perception. Have patience and trust in God. Let Him guide your action through your pure spirit.


God Bless.

Moving Beyond Optical Delusion

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I hope you enjoy…

Moving Beyond Optical Delusion

EinsteinWe found a very interesting quote by Albert Einstein this week about a subject you wouldn’t normally associate with a physicist. Einstein had this to say about optical delusions: “A human being is part of the whole called the ‘Universe.’ (We) experience (ourselves) as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion in consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us. Our task is to free ourselves from optical delusions.”

He is right, of course. And the interesting thing about this insight from the “Father of Relativity” is that it captures the human dilemma of being spiritual beings (from theabsolute realm of creation) imprisoned as physical beings (in the relative realm of creation). Essentially, we are prisoners of ‘realitivity.’

Bmprstkr.OpticalDelThe thing about our ‘relativity sentence’ is that it fools tens of millions of people with the illusions materiality spins. Most people depend only on the physical senses and are incarcerated by optical delusions. Many more throttle back their consciousness by holding onto past beliefs and old scripts that keep them mired down in the shadows of rigid convention, religious dogma, and unhealthy assumptions.

Billions of people live in a world of BS. Debilitating BS. A BS built on negativity and a false sense of separateness. Down here – on Earth, that is – it’s all BS. Before you think we’re being a little cavalier with all of this BS talk, we need to clarify what we mean by BS. BS stands for Belief System.

People whose BS keeps them tied to the world of outer appearances live in a world of shadows, of ‘optical delusions’ as Einstein so aptly put it. They live in a world of separation and duality. A world that gives power to outer appearances instead of inner transformation.

Most people have sold out to the world of form. They have created a world that supports optical delusions to satisfy their materialistic appetites. And as we unfortunately see in the news every week, some people are in so much ‘optical delusional pain’ they want to inflict pain on others.

Plato gave us a brilliant description of the world of optical delusions we’ve created, in theCave Allegory from his masterpiece, the Republic.

CaveShadows-sxc824790_25483659In the Cave Allegory, Plato imagines a group of people who have lived in a cave all of their lives. They are chained to a wall so they can’t see the cave entrance. They can only face the wall.

Behind them is a constant light that illuminates various statues that have been placed behind them. The light’s movements cause shadows to flicker around the cave.

When the people of the cave see these shadows they think they’re seeing life in action. The shadows are as close as the prisoners get to seeing reality.

Plato then explains how a philosopher who was a former ‘prisoner’ is freed from the cave and realizes that the shadows on the wall are not reality at all. He sees that the light outside the cave and the statues which cause the shadows are real but that the shadows themselves are optical delusions.

The philosopher realizes that the shadows in the cave were just effects created by the real objects. He had given power to things that weren’t real.

At the end of the allegory, Plato is adamant that it is the philosopher’s burden to re-enter the cave. Plato reasons that those who have seen the light have a duty to educate those in the material world (cave) so they can spread light to those in darkness.

For us, it is our privilege – not so much of a burden – but privilege as Unity ministers and spiritual leaders, to help humankind move out of the world of shadows, and beyond the world of optical delusions into the light.

candle-hearts-small-sxc1414107_64674361 copyWe’re all beings of light. Mastering this human experience requires that we realize WE ARE THE LIGHT EXPRESSING ITSELF IN HUMAN FORM AS US!

We want to assure you that no matter what happens to you here on the human plane, you have the power to move beyond any and all optical delusions. It is delusional to think otherwise.

Whatever you can spare….



Have just learned of the Oklahoma City tornado.

I urge all readers of this post to do whatever they can to help and offer Hope to those who lived through this disaster.

If it is in your hearts you may want to add your prayers and anything else you feel inclined to give for the families of all those who lost their life.

To see more about the Tornado click here.

To learn more about H O P E  click here.

A Mind Divided


A house divided against itself cannot stand.

That is a quote from Abraham Lincoln in 1858. He was using it in the context of the division in the ‘United’ States between slavery and non-slavery states. Ultimately it took a disastrous Civil War to finally unite the Northern and Southern states although there are still some who feel ‘divided’ and unjustly treated even today, over 150 years and 5 generations after Lincoln’s speech.

While Lincoln said it, it was not his original thought, like many great quotes it was first stated in the Bible, Matthew 12:25 and others,” Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”

I believe however, that the quote also applies very well to each one of us as an individual.

How can that be? How am i, how is anyone of us, a ‘House divided’?

It is an undeniable fact that we all live in our own physical ‘house’ – our human body. What is perhaps less clear, or at least not very well understood by the majority of us, is what that body ‘contains’ within, in terms of our consciousness; the thing that allows us to perform actions with that body as well as to think thoughts and experience our human desires and emotions.

While science has made unprecedented progress in discoveries external to our body and has made good progress in medicine and understanding of the physical human form it has made little to no real progress in helping us understand our internal nature, our consciousness, our mind and that poorly understood term, spirit.

I contend that within our true nature are two opposing ‘sides’, for want of a better word. The physical side that contends with our daily life and experiences (since conception/birth) of the physical environment around and outside of us, and a spiritual side that operates differently to our physical nature, one that is so very easily overlooked and hard to ‘pin down’ for our examination or dissection, unlike our physical side.

As we grow from our childhood into adulthood in our physical nature, gaining from every single life experience in the physical world, so too are we to grow from spiritual childhood into adulthood, by living and gaining from our experiences with the things of Spirit.

The trouble here is we tend to confuse both as being one and the same thing when it should be quite clear that it is nothing of the kind.

We live simultaneously in two ‘minds’ – one dedicated to the physical and one to the spiritual side of our nature. We are a house ‘divided’, subject to two differing and powerful ‘forces’ (attractions). As Lincoln and many others have long known, we do not perform to our full capabilities if we are of two minds, one must take precedent over the other so as to prevent working against our own best interest. As the Union was to be under one government to best serve it’s peoples’ interest, so too we are to be under one ‘government’ to best serve our self interest.

The Bible states ” No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.(material wealth)” Matt 6:24

The truth is most of us feel like we need to follow the attraction (force) that is dedicated to our material world, that this is necessary in order to feed ourselves and our families, to provide shelter, to educate ourselves and to ‘enjoy’ our (physical) life. Since this is the world we spend most of our time having to experience, the tendency to give it our highest priority is a quite natural and understandable one.

However, this largely ignores, and in some cases directly opposes, our spiritual natures, what some call our ‘highest’ ideals; we compromise ourselves out of expediency or physical ‘necessity’.

It does not have to be this way though, indeed – i feel it should not be that way!

The alternative is to find ways to follow the attraction (force) of Spirit in our life, to give our spiritual ‘child’ as much nourishment as was given to the physical child we once were. It requires a certain self-discipline, a willingness to even consider that the option exists in the first place and then to be able to overcome the attraction we feel to the physical and all the fixed behaviour patterns in it and to it we have developed since childhood, our materialistic desires and wants and likes; to gain control over our emotional states that oppose our spirit: Anger and rage, envies,greed, lust of physical form, hatred, selfishness, self-pride, etc, etc.

Some achieve this ‘naturally’, through a debasing process where an individual falls down so far and comes to realise how futile their life has become through ignoring their spiritual nature and paying attention only to the physical world and self. That such a life has no longer anything of value to them and they see a new way of being – their spirit reaches out to them once all the appeal of the physical has ‘died’ or is very near to death, to having nothing left of any permanent value to the individual.

Some take a longer route and achieve it through various devices, of a religious or ascetic nature. Whatever the path it is possible for anyone to choose to become more ‘in tune’ to their spiritual nature and to begin practicing living a life where the spiritual ‘mind’ takes control over the physical body.

We can ‘walk’ in Spirit.

But we have to crawl before we can walk, and ultimately run, as our spirit desires.

It is not just my philosophy, but that of many of the world’s greatest minds since humans began to write their thoughts down, that considers our spirit is a part of a greater ‘Whole’: that we can connect to a vastly more complex unity than we ever experience from our own self viewpoint and can learn how to operate in total harmony with that Unity, the Oneness, God.

But it requires us to recognise that the physical and the spiritual are most often working towards different aims, that there is an imbalance inherent in us that we have to learn to overcome, and that we can only do this by accepting the Gift of spirit we all have been given and using it in the manner in which it was intended to be used.

If we choose to ignore the spirit, we do so at our peril, knowing the consequences and taking what benefits we may in the short term.

But the spirit has a longer term objective, one of far greater reach than we can achieve using just our physical body alone, it desires to be re-united into that from which it came, even as it is certain it can never be parted from it for more than a single lifetime.

Once we become aware of this we then have the choice, to live with our physical mind commanding our thought and action, following the physical attraction, or to choose the spiritual mind to lead us and follow that attraction, each one will pull us in one way or the other – only we can choose which one is to have our full attention.

it’s your choice now.

© B Thursfield 2013


In Just 60 Little Seconds of Your Life…

My blog’s been feeling a little ‘heavy’ lately – deep things going on. Our life should be a life of moderation ( of most things ) so to lighten the mood a little…


What Happens in an Internet Minute


640 thousand Gigabytes of data EVERY minute!!!?

OK – minute’s up – now get back to work! 😉



Desire: to wish or long for. “When you wish upon a star”. De-sire comes from the latin de+side (star) – desiderate.

A couple of blogs i have read lately have got me thinking on the subject of Desire.

Our desire(s) could be said to be at the very heart of our being. We can do something to ‘Our Heart’s desire’, our heart aches with desire. Many of the verses in Proverbs and Psalms speak of the vital connection between the heart and our desire as a link to God. “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” Ps 37:4; “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, But desire fulfilled is a tree of life.” Prov 13:12

Throughout the ages philosphers from Plato to Immanuel Kant have considered desire as an important motivating force in human life. Even Buddhism which considers it necessary to eliminate sensual desire  (that causes all suffering)  in order to find Nirvana concedes that a novice is to work on motivational forces through skilful application of desire.

Our greatest desire determines our main priority in life; our priorities strongly determine our choices; our choices lead to the actions we take and our actions we take determine the kind of life we live. How we behave and who we become.


So what is your greatest single desire?

Is it a desire of self ( one that gives you personally the greatest degree of personal or sensual pleasure) – or a desire to follow the Will of God or of something greater than (external to) just yourself? ( Humanity?, Ecology? Nationality?)

If your greatest desire is to something other than self (but including, as a small part, the self) do you only act in harmony with that desire? Or do you sometimes slip into ‘selfish’ mode and consider your needs over those of others and the greater good?

Could this be behind the ‘conscience’ that sometimes causes us to have a niggling feeling of guilt when we do a thing, or not do a thing?

Maybe in order to reduce the instances of that ‘niggle’ we might consider the idea more carefully?

Any thoughts?


I realised this morning i made an error in one of my previous posts. I apologise and would like now to correct it.


If anyone read the post Interesting…a blog award the error was in my answer to the question: “Do you volunteer. Why?”


I answered that i did not currently volunteer, but had in the past. Somehow i managed to ‘forget’ that i do indeed volunteer for a not for profit organisation. I am the public relations officer and sub-editor for a Numismatic Society.

The society aims to promote the awareness and study of numismatics in Western Australia, numismatics being the fancy name for coin and medal ‘collecting’ or the study of coinage and it’s history as well as related items like medals and medallions, banknotes, tokens etc.

The society holds regular fairs and exhibitions as well as monthly meetings and i have volunteered to help advertise them and promote club memberships as well as awareness of the club. I also help out with additional work to assist the editor of our journal.

In the scheme of things it is hardly life-saving or earth-shatteringly important work but it certainly qualifies as unpaid work, so i do in fact volunteer some of my time at the moment.

Again, apologies for the error. 🙂

Monday Meekness – a Reminder to be Humble.

It’s Monday!Monday

For those who may be unsure Monday is named after the Moon (MoonDay), naturally it follows Sunday, Biblically the First Day of the week (The day after the Sabbath Day, day of rest from labour) which is named after the source of light to Earth, the Sun. (Light being created By God on the First Day according to the Book of  Genesis)

Although these are the words used in English today, they simply carry on a much longer tradition. The ancient Latin (and current Italian) Words for Sunday and Monday are  dies Solus and dies Lunae (Soledi and Lunedi) Sol and Luna being the Sun and Moon respectively. That this is so is not that remarkable considering the English language is largely based upon that of the Roman conquerors of Britain in the beginning of the first millennium  and of other countries such as France and Germany (and related to Scandinavian Germanic languages also) all of whom have similar sun and moon day names for the first two days of the week.

That this is a long and deeply held belief however is verified by the fact that both Korea and Japan similarly honour the Moon god in that day name as do many Indian languages and Ancient Sanskrit!

So what then, does all this have to do with Meekness and Humility?

The Greek goddess of the Moon was Selene. I hold a tendency to relate Selene with the very similar sounding word Serene, which means calm, tranquil, clear or bright. I also associate those meanings with the Moon. As a source of Light on Earth (albeit of a reflected nature and not as the original source) the Moon is second in nature to the Sun. Whereas the Sun is the most powerful source of natural light, which it possesses due to massively violent nuclear explosions ( the antithesis of calm and quiet, tranquility) the Moon receives this light and in silence and without any effort other than being it’s own Serene self, calmly reflects the light to us down here on Earth. The Moon has no light of it’s own, but by reason of simply being, it is the second brightest object in the sky.

I see this as a very suitable analogy for my relationship with God. I have no ‘light’ that is originated in me, but if i simply ‘be’ (and truly believe) i may reflect the Light that comes from the source of all Light (enlightenment) on Earth. I am to be like the Moon to God’s Sun (Son). Calm, tranquil and serene, being Humbled into second in importance in the Heavens, reflecting purely the Light to all. A light that is commonly surrounded in great darkness and yet lets us see when, at other times, the Sun may not be directly visible to us.

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

How to Demonise by saying only part of the truth

Many people have heard the misinterpreted phrase from the Bible – that ‘Money is the Root of all evil’.

The correct translation is from 1 Timothy 6:10 ‘10For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.‘ it is the Love of Money, not the money itself, that is the source of the evil.

Many have heard this but how many know the two verses either side of the above quote?

Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.
Context gives a better view of the truth of a matter.

Tim 6:9. ‘But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction.’

6:11. ‘But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness.’*

meekness n. – 1. the feeling of patient, submissive humbleness; 2. a disposition to be patient and long suffering; 3. the now obsolete meaning of gentleness. (see preceding line*)

So, putting all of the above together: Monday, the day that is dedicated to the Moon by many of the world’s peoples throughout time, is the one day in six i have chosen to pursue Meekness in me, Meekness being one of six things a man of God is asked to follow as a way to flee the evils and griefs resulting from the desire of Man to be rich, or seeking purely material wealth at the expense of our spiritual wealth.

By meditating on how i may be humble, calm, reflective, submissive to a greater power, serene i have hope to become a GentleMan, one who is yet able to shine with bright reflected light as a true servant of that which gives light unto us all.

Bless you all.

Interesting….a Blog Award.

I feel honoured that a fellow blogger Michael, whom i respect as a man of great integrity and a devout spirit considers this blog to be worthy of nomination for the “Interesting Blog Award”.interesting-blog-award

Rules for the acceptance of this award are:

1. Thank the person who nominated you  (Tick!)
2. List five random facts about you  (Tick!)
3. Nominate a minimum of five blogs for the award  (Tick!)
4. Answer the five questions and ask nominees 5 questions of your choice (Tick!)
5. Let them know you have nominated them (Tick)

Five random facts about me? Ok…

I’m a Dual National. Was born British, but became an official Aussie citizen also in 1995 (after living here for over 20 years).

I have an above average ( some would say way above) memory, i even demonstrated ‘the power of the mind’  (to hold and retain information) at seminars. I was even told by the event co-ordinator after my first session to ‘make a couple of mistakes’, otherwise people won’t believe it and think you were faking or a plant ( i wasn’t, i remembered everything over 20 audience members called out, in the order the called them and with the exact features they described, perfectly in a single hearing without any prior set up).

I enjoy taking and framing macro (close up) floral photography that highlights the sometimes overlooked beauty in the small details of plants and insects.

I’m a numismatist also, my speciality being Australia.

I have a plastic tube emerging from my abdomen that’s been there for over 12 months and so far has not been used; some time in the future ( hopefully not soon) it will be used to do the job my kidneys are struggling to do, which is filter toxins from my bloodstream – at least until such time as i may be granted someone else’s kidney as a transplant. ( you only really need one – i currently have less than 10% total function in both mine).

Answer the following 5 questions ( Thanks Michael)

1. How is it that you started blogging? –  Can’t remember my first blog now, was probably around 10 years ago. Just did it because i liked the concept of the internet and having my voice be able to reach a wide audience. I felt there were some things that needed to be said and this was my way to say them.

2. What does your worship consist of?  Hmm.. have had to think about this one.  God for me, is the only being worthy of Worship; given that all i am is due to Him and His spirit in me all i do is worship to Him. That however makes me somewhat ashamed because a lot of the things i do i do for me more than i do for Him. Knowing that, and believing i do wrong in that, leads me to want to do ‘better’ and that is why i am seeking His guidance in my life from this day forward.

3. Do you do any volunteering? Why? Not currently, although the last time i was involved i felt were the most contented days i had ever felt ‘working’. It is something i must get back into – i have no excuse.

4. Do you believe miracles still happen today? Why? I did not used to believe in Miracles, never feeling like i had ever witnessed one or heard of a reliable witness to one, personally, however, i am open to the belief in Miracles occuring today as i believe God has the power to do anything and once my belief and understanding is sufficient i intend to actively participate in them – to His Glory.

5. Do you acknowledge God where ever you go? Why? I never deny God, but i might not always openly acknowledge Him when i am with others or if i get too caught up in my ‘self’ and not be in spirit. This happens far more than i prefer and am doing various exercises to overcome it. I’m a work in progress.

My five questions i would ask my nominees are:

1. Do you get more out of  blogging your thoughts – or from reading those of other bloggers (including Comments)?

2. What stops you from commenting on a post you ‘like’?

3. What is the single greatest external ( ie. not of your own creation) force or influence on/in your life as it is today/now?

4. What is guaranteed to induce in you the greatest Joy?

5. Are you a net giver or net taker of Love? Why?

I nominate the following 5 bloggers for the Interesting Blog Award.


2. -David Yerle Writes…




May this award pass on all Glory to God, Originator/Creator of all that is.